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Survey: how do you want your Linky

We’ve developed Linky based on our needs as travelers. But as time goes by and we get feedback from potential users and test drives, we’re finding that there are some features you want that we hadn’t prioritized – and others that you don’t seem to really care about! We’ve committed to following YOUR needs based … Read more

The main stages of planning Linky

Linky: The main stages of planning

For those interested in the “ancient history” of this start-up 🙂 we wanted to tell you a bit more about the main stages of Linky’s design. As mentioned in our last article, in September 2014, the main ideas for Linky – and the team – really came together, and we quickly moved to constructing a … Read more

The birth of Linky

How was linky born

The Linky project was born in May 2014 based on an idea of ​​engineer Paolo Pipponzi. Paolo, at that time working at Italian motorcycle maker Ducati, was inspired by his passion for travel and everyday commuter life in Bologna. He came up with the idea of ​​a way to increase our freedom and independence through … Read more