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Linky Innovation’s

We focus our attention in three main areas:


Spreading sustainable models and lifestyles through education, transparency, and a capyllar and kind customer care. We are involved in organising talks in high schools and universities to raise awareness about electric mobility and sustainability.


Building an even more ethical, fair, collaborative and inclusive working environment that values the merits of each individual and generates opportunities for growth. 80 percent of the team is made up of young people under 35, and we plan to hire more by the end of the year 2023. We offer internships and apprenticeships with educational institutions. We constantly create synergies with local companies to contribute to the economic growth of the earthquake region.


Reducing the environmental impacts of our products and activities even further, through the responsible use of resources at all levels. Circularity of the product, recycling materials from used and discarded products. We are planning to create a section on the website for the sale of remanufactured boards. By calculating the remanufactured boards sold, we will be able to quantify the materials reused. Reducing the internal ecological footprint. In the design of the Linky, using more and more sustainable and innovative materials (rucksacks, wheels, etc.) by setting achievable targets for improvement each year.

What We Fight For

We work to align ourselves with these global goals and take control of our future sustainability through our activities and responsibilities: