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from $599 on




26 mph


14 miles


2 x 750w

Deck Material

Multilayer European beech (customizable)

Product Length

33 inches / 85 centimeters (unfolded)


Linky-designed, bump-resistant 105mm


2 x 750w Belt Drive

Electronic Compartment

Heat Dissipation System
IP65 protection against dust and water

Max Speed

26 MPH / 42 KPH


185 wh Long-Range
160 wh Standard
99 wh Airline-Safe Option


Linky-designed: Multi-Material,
Extra Light & Extra Strong


Ergonomic Design w/ LCD Display & Powerful BLE 5.2 Connection


Android & IOS Compatible for Better Ride Experience, Firmware Updates & In-App Customer Support Messaging

Exclusive Skateboard
Folding Mechanism

Weighing only 5.8 kg, the Linky electric skateboard is designed for the effortless ebb and flow of urban life. With its innovative foldable system, you can transform your ride into a sleek, portable package in seconds, ready to stow away in its stylish backpack.

All the Power You Need

Linky 2.0 delivers a punch with 2x 750W belt motors, propelling you to speeds of 26 MPH / 42 KPH. Glide over urban terrain with our specially designed 105mm wheels, ensuring a smooth, powerful, and exhilarating skate experience.

Endless Ride

With a 185 Wh long-range battery, journey up to 14 miles on a single charge. And for the air travelers, a 99 Wh airline-safe option keeps you moving. Fast charge up to 80% in just 40 minutes. Linky 2.0 is a collapsible skateboard that is always ready to roll.

The Brain and the Muscles

Sealed electronic compartment with IP65 water and dust resistance. Replaceable for easy maintenance and to align with a circular design approach. Air-cooled for high, stable performance of the powertrain.

Revolutionary All-Terrain Wheels

Experience the freedom to explore without limits. Designed to provide an enhanced carving experience their 105 mm diameter allows this electric longboard to ride over bumpy roads. With a special notched surface and integrated mudguards, water and gravel won’t be an obstacle anymore. Customizable colors.

Eco-friendly Birch Deck

Linky 2.0's birch deck combines eco-sensibility with aesthetic versatility. Available in a palette of natural shades, find the perfect hue to complement your eco-conscious lifestyle and ride in harmony with nature.

Linky App

Control your experience even further with the updated app.

Tweak the brake and acceleration curve of your e-longboard to exactly the way you like it for the ultimate in customization and live support.

Control Meets Innovation

Seamlessly shift gears with Linky 2.0’s ergonomic remote. Set your speed, light your path, and keep an eye on your charge for a fully tailored ride that adapts to your pace.

Backpacks for Urban Exploration

Blend style and functionality with Linky Backpacks: your perfect partner for every city adventure. Designed for the dynamic urbanite, it offers modular storage for tech gadgets, a change of clothes, travel essentials, and your electric longboard of course. All while providing unmatched comfort and a sleek, professional look.

Discover Our Bag

Technically, yes. Linky electric skateboards are easy to use, though you’ll want to have good balance and be at least minimally sporty. We recommend wearing athletic shoes and protective equipment when using Linky.

To answer the question “How easy it is to ride a Linky board?” we held an event with some beginners. Here’s the video.

The Linky electric longboard has been homologated to support a rider of 100 kg

Yes. We know you’re concerned about this, and we’re here to set the record straight. A folding point does not have to be a mechanical weakness, and we’ve concentrated most of our R&D here. The use of high-strength plastic polymers combined with our engineering experience allowed us to make this system both sturdy and light. We have tested the prototype for hundreds of kilometers and subjected it to all sorts of abuse including jumping on the central part of the folding system. Basically, if you don’t run it over with a car, it’ll be fine.


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