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Technology meets freedom.

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World’s First Foldable Electric Longboard


26 MPH


5.8 KG


$999 USD

Dare to be free.

Unlock the joy of effortless travel. Experience the world with Linky’s unique folding system, carrying freedom in a backpack.

Meet Linky

The foldable electric longboard.
The Ride. Redefined.

Performance without Compromise.

Designed to be everlasting.
Linky is your ultimate electric skateboard.


2 x 750w Belt Drive. 25% Uphill.


Choose from: 185wh long range battery, 160 wh standard battery, 99wh air transport-safe battery.


Ergonomic design with LCD display. Powerful BLE 5.2 CONNECTION.


Composite material & wood.


Made in Italy. 105mm all-terrain wheels. Designed to overcome every bumb.

Heat Dissipator

For better performance.

Deck Material

Multilayer European beech (customizable)

Product Length

33 inches / 85 centimeters (unfolded)


Linky-designed, bump-resistant 105mm


2 x 750w Belt Drive

Electronic Compartment

Heat Dissipation System
IP65 protection against dust and water

Max Speed

26 MPH / 42 KPH


185 wh Long-Range
160 wh Standard
99 wh Airline-Safe Option


Linky-designed: Multi-Material,
Extra Light & Extra Strong


Ergonomic Design w/ LCD Display & Powerful BLE 5.2 Connection


Android & IOS Compatible for Better Ride Experience, Firmware Updates & In-App Customer Support Messaging



At just 15 inches folded, our collapsible longboards fit with your lifestyle. Weighing just 5.8kg, our unique patented folding system transforms your ride into a compact form in seconds. Skate, fold, and go – effortlessly transition from thrilling rides to catching your next train.

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Made in Italy.

Linky electric skateboards are assembled with care in Falerone, Italy, using a local supply chain and incorporating 70% of materials sourced within Europe. We are an electric skateboard company that takes pride in delivering top-class products to our customers.

Our story

Craftiness Engineered.

Behind every Linky e-board, there are the hands of those who,
with passion and dedication, shape the material with
care and meticulous attention to every detail.


Ride to zero.

Innovative design and sustainable materials can contribute to a circular economy and reduce the carbon footprint. Our locally sourced wooden deck and use of bio-polymers showcase a commitment to eco-friendliness. It adds value to the local territory and supports the principles of the circular economy.

Our values

Carrying freedom.
Wherever you go.

The Linky electric skateboard's portable, bag-friendly design makes it both fun to ride and super convenient, even fitting into lockers

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Power in your hands

Linky longboards come with an entirely in-house designed, slick remote controller. It integrates an LCD display a BLE 5.2 connectivity and communicates with our new app for Over The Air firmware updates.

One-of-a-Kind Electric
Foldable Skateboards

With unique deck designs created by artists, customizable wheels, and a battery pack you can create an electric skateboard that not only reflects your unique style but also caters to your riding preferences.



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