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Survey: how do you want your Linky

We’ve developed Linky based on our needs as travelers. But as time goes by and we get feedback from potential users and test drives, we’re finding that there are some features you want that we hadn’t prioritized – and others that you don’t seem to really care about!

We’ve committed to following YOUR needs based on your answers in this survey:

16 thoughts on “Survey: how do you want your Linky”

  1. It’s an amazing product already, just need little tweaks that would help buyers want to buy it.

    For example, people are going to want to see how durable it is and is it going to last for a long time.

    Like water proof, extra battery life, fast charge, long range from 12 miles or more, and speed. 22 MPH OR more and
    Also Warranty.

    People are going to want to buy or invest into something that will be worth buying.

    • Hi Alexander,

      in the next days we will communicate when the product will be available for purchase.

      Stay connected,
      Linky’s team.

  2. Dear Sales Team for Linky,

    Hello! I would love to see this board in mass production and available to the USA soon.

    I would love to get my hands on one of these.
    BUT would appreciate a longer range of the board as a norm.

    This extension of Kilometers would drive up sales to a desirable amount and make this a worthy venture for all involved.

  3. Would i be able to buy one if i live in Australia?
    I would also love it if you could fill the gap in the middle of the board wether it is an attachment you can clip into the middle after you unfold it or just a modification that fills in the gap.
    Lewis Lloyde.

  4. Hi, do you produce non electric skate that would catter for the same traveller’s needs ? That would be cheaper and maybe easier to sell at first. I would definitely go for it, Each time I travel I dream of having my longboard with me, especially during those extra long airport spaces…..

    • Of course it will !! We are setting up our campaign with the translation of our tech spec in miles and pounds so it will be easier for our American friends.


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