Check out the new Linky 2.0 on Indiegogo and get 25% off!


Linky Now Live on Indiegogo!

It’s the BIG DAY, Linky is now live on Indiegogo where you can pre-order it for delivery in April 2017. CLICK THIS LINK TO GO TO THE CAMPAIGN AND ORDER NOW Check out this summary video of Linky’s features The starting price for Linky will be $669 (USD) and there’s a LIMITED number of units … Read more

Save the date: October 11 launch!

Last July we posted that we didn’t make our goal on Kickstarter but we’d be relaunching soon, and it has been so awesome to get all your feedback, which you’ve been writing to us on social media and through your comments. The buzz about Linky hasn’t slowed down, and we’ve gotten press from around the … Read more