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Save the date: October 11 launch!

Last July we posted that we didn’t make our goal on Kickstarter but we’d be relaunching soon, and it has been so awesome to get all your feedback, which you’ve been writing to us on social media and through your comments. The buzz about Linky hasn’t slowed down, and we’ve gotten press from around the world, including Japan, Korea and France lately.

Every day we answer your questions and we know that the number one thing you want to hear is: when will Linky be available? Finally we can give you the answer to this question.

Linky will launch on Tuesday October 11, 2016, at 5pm CET

(time difference? That’s 9am in California, 11am in Chicago, midnight in Singapore and 1am Wednesday in Japan)

Wanna hear it from the mouth of our founder and CEO, Paolo? Here he is in video!

YouTube video

Over the summer, we’ve been working on reducing costs, and we know that a lot of you hope that Linky will be affordable. The good news is that it is going to cost significantly less than how we priced it in our last campaign. This is thanks to the visibility we got through that campaign, that put us in touch with suppliers and most importantly a production partner who is able to help us industrialize and hence lower the price. It’s going to cost less than some of our most important competitors, but it is still a high quality product that feels strongly about safety, so it is not going to be “super cheap”.

On October 11 we’re going to be making Linky available for pre-order on the Indiegogo platform, which accepts payments by Paypal (some of you asked for that) as well as credit card and other methods. There are going to be a limited number of early bird priced boards, so we recommend saving that date. The price will be announced ONLY at the launch, so be patient!

Boards will ship in April 2017, just a four month delay on the first batch boards of our original plan, and in time for the better weather.

Want to give us a hand with the launch day buzz?

Click the button below to add your voice to the THUNDERCLAP. You’ll authorize a one-time share from your Facebook or Twitter account, which will go out at the moment of our launch on October 11.

16 thoughts on “Save the date: October 11 launch!”

    • Hi Calvin, we JUST announced the price yesterday, it’ll be from $669 USD, retail price $1099 – so buying on Indiegogo is going to be a HUGE savings!

  1. I am truely stoked for this launch guys! We’re the owners of an e-skateshop in The Netherlands and very interested in this product!
    Follow trough with your developments, it’s looking great!

    • You will certainly be able to get it if you click quickly! If you’re on our newsletter you’ll get an email exactly when it launches. The lowest priced boards ($669) have only 50 units so…!!


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