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Our thanks after a successful Indiegogo Campaign!

We’re thrilled to have surpassed our crowdfunding goal on Indiegogo by 146% and want to thank all our supporters for believing in Linky.

We’re already hard at work in the next steps to manufacture and get you your boards on time. Watch the video below to hear Paolo give you some more details about this.

YouTube video


We’ve passed into InDemand on Indiegogo, making it still possible to pre-order Linky (though no longer at the Early Bird price) for a few months until we start fulfilling orders and move into the next phase of our sales campaign.

In the meantime, please follow us on socials (you can always find us @linkyinnovation) and stay tuned! Remember you can DM us anywhere if you have any questions.

Thanks again, Ciao from Italy!
The whole Linky Team

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