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The birth of Linky

The Linky project was born in May 2014 based on an idea of ​​engineer Paolo Pipponzi.

Paolo, at that time working at Italian motorcycle maker Ducati, was inspired by his passion for travel and everyday commuter life in Bologna. He came up with the idea of ​​a way to increase our freedom and independence through green mobility.

The project evolved in the summer of 2014, when Paolo traveled and his new business partners did too, expanding on the concept and their needs, and creating a first prototype of what would become the first foldable electric longboard. A motor based on the team’s experience in the automotive industry, a battery safe to travel with, a weight that makes travel really an option.

For Paolo a turning point was spending a few months in Scotland, in particular in Edinburgh, that country’s center of infrastructure and transportation. It’s a city that has functional and accessible public services, a general serenity and calmness of the people and last but not least, great attention for “green transport” that sadly is not present in many other places in the world – including in Italy, where Linky was born!


2 thoughts on “The birth of Linky”

  1. I think this is an awesome idea especially for travellers. If you want to spend a month backpacking through Europe and carry a months with of supplies this will keep you moving and not getting tired of hauling an 80 lbs bag around. My son is doing this and finds it hard to carry his pack everywhere. Hostels don’t have storage so you can’t even lighten your load for awhile. Awesome invention. I hope the price isn’t out of reach for the average person.

  2. Hi Holly !!
    Thanks for sharing your son’s travelling experience. I’ve been in the same shoes and I’m sure linky will help us live our experience as travellers in the best way.
    We are working hard to keep down the final cost so to have linky at an affordable final price.
    Stay connected.



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