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Just a few days after COP27 concluded with the urgent appeal for immediate climate action, many companies have now committed to net zero pledges to decarbonize their businesses. Yet participation in a day that is all about promoting impulse purchases, thereby increasing overconsumption, stands in stark contrast to our climate reality. The necessary shift towards … Read more

How Cities are Incentivizing Micromobility and Zero-Emission Transport

Building a more sustainable urban transport system has been a central focus for cities globally with the goal of creating a well-connected seamless mobility experience while reducing traffic, noise, and pollution. Despite all the careful planning by government officials to that end, the rise of micromobility has been an unexpected, grassroots success story of recent … Read more

World Car Free Day

Cities all over the world celebrate Sept 22 as “World Car Free Day”. This is part of a long tradition of the car-free movement that has led cities and their citizens to prioritize pedestrians, cyclists, and public transit over the private automobile. The World Carfree Network says that the World Car-Free Day can be a showcase for … Read more

What Skateboarding Means to Me…

When I think of skating, concepts such as a sense of freedom, fun, lightheartedness, physical and mental well-being, and travel come to mind. Skateboarding for me is all these things and more. I have come to understand it over the years. When, years ago, as a young teenager I started riding my first skateboard, it … Read more