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What Skateboarding Means to Me…

When I think of skating, concepts such as a sense of freedom, fun, lightheartedness, physical and mental well-being, and travel come to mind. Skateboarding for me is all these things and more.

I have come to understand it over the years. When, years ago, as a young teenager I started riding my first skateboard, it was lots of fun. Today, as a “differently young” woman, in the dawn of her thirties, I still enjoy skateboarding a lot.

So let me tell you what skating means to me. As you read, I’m sure you will find things in common, if you too have a passion for this magic means of transportation.

Riding for me is many things.

First of all, it is something special and strictly personal. It is my own space, giving me oxygen, and making me feel good not only physically but also mentally.

It is a feeling of freedom. Suddenly the little daily problems fade away, what matters is the essentials and it is as if I am in tune with the world around me. In short, free from the superfluous.

When I ride my board, I feel strong.  Overcoming all the challenges I meet along my ride fuel my self-confidence. A very important aspect that helps me to achieve my daily goals and to do that thing that maybe “I always do with a little effort.”

Exercise – a somewhat less obvious answer, but as you get older (I’m in my 30s) you might find yourself surprised by how important it is to get out and exercise. Skateboarding is a fun way to get exercise… most people my age would rather hit the gym.

Challenging – sure, I could do other fun things that are easier to learn, but few things offer the same sense of achievement as skateboarding. You fail and you fail and you fail, but you keep trying different variables only to eventually succeed. The learning curve is steep and challenging, but the feeling of finally landing something after however many hundreds of attempts is unmatched.

Do you know how in surfing videos surfers have a huge connection with the sea? It’s like a trance. Nothing else matters. It’s bliss every time I’m out there on my board and all I think about is the sound of the road under my feet. Everything else disappears.

Skating is friendship and sharing. It is laughing and having fun together.

It is rewarding. On a personal level, all skateboarders have one attitude in common: they don’t fail and then give up. They fail until they succeed.

So success becomes an even better feeling. The thrill of succeeding in a perfect carve is not comparable to any other activity.

“Because I kind of actually believe that it is magic.”

What do you think? Do you also experience these feelings when you skate? Let me know in the comment section below!

Enjoy your ride 😉


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