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6 Reasons To Ditch Your Car & Use an Electric Skateboard To Commute

Cars have been a symbol of freedom for a century. Once you earn a license as a teenager, you’ve got the means to get out of the house on your own. Later, the freedom of the open road is intoxicating, offering the temptation of limitless adventure if you just hop behind the wheel, turn the key, hit the gas, and go.

Cars don’t hold that same kind of freedom anymore. Between traffic congestion, car loans, gas prices, and more, many are ditching the illusion of freedom for the real freedom of a car-free life.

And if you’re a skateboarder, who says that same freedom and exhilaration can’t come on the back of a board?

Here are 6 reasons why using an electric skateboard will make your daily commute easier:


Riding an electric skateboard can release tension and anxiety. The feeling of the breeze on your face and the warmth of the sun on your skin is priceless. E-skating in the open air increases the release of endorphins, popularly known as the happiness hormone. Therefore, after riding an e-skate, it is possible to experience a pleasant feeling of satisfaction due to increased blood irrigation of the brain.

It is a fact that using a motorized skateboard as a mode of transport reduces stress – a lot. It’s an activity that puts your mind into the moment, and it doesn’t require a lot of concentration. While skating, we can simply forget about everything for a moment.

Other health benefits from riding an electric skateboard are:

  • Improving Balance
  • Relieving Stress
  • Reducing the risk of cardiovascular-related diseases
  • Preventing Depression
  • Improving Physical Endurance

The health benefits attributed to the use of an electric skateboard are thrice as many as those attributed to using a car. There might be a bit of exaggeration in this line of thought since there isn’t enough concrete evidence to support the hypothesis that commuting between places with a car has any health benefits. Consequently, the association between a sedentary lifestyle and cars is enough reason to ditch automobiles in favor of electric skateboards.


If you are used to taking public transportation or sitting in traffic, opting for an electric skateboard could be a way to save time.

On average, Americans spend 100 hours per year stuck in tailbacks. Just to put it into perspective, 100 hours/year is the same as 2.5 weeks off work or walking through Central Park 100 times.


Electric skateboards give users the chance to save money they would have rather spent on buying petrol or charging in the case of an electric car. The use of electric skateboards can help you significantly cut your gas budget.

Many people use their car even to go shopping on the corner, but does it make sense? Why use the car and waste fuel if we can go there by riding an electric skateboard? Certainly, the less you use the car and the more the electric skateboard, you will see the impact of this reflected in the bills at the end of the month.


Commuting with an electric skateboard is widely considered fun. You can be out in the weather and enjoy the sunshine during your commute. You can feel the wind in your hair, take on an offroad trail with the upgraded suspension, find new shortcuts or simply be out on a nice day away from the congestion of the freeway. There is more opportunity to enjoy the ride for a longer period, and there is a good possibility of a transfer of skills gained from the use of an electric skateboard to other fun activities such as surfing and snowboarding.


According to the United Nations, the use of cars or any other fossil fuel vehicles, in general, is responsible for almost a quarter of the emissions of gases that are harmful to the environment. More specifically, fine particles and ozone generated by traffic congestion are one of the main causes of pollution in cities, along with industry, and rail freight. More and more people are realizing that the use of a clear mode of transport is no longer a choice but a necessity to improve our lives and combat climate change.

Besides the poor air quality, the space dedicated to car parking is also not helpful for green urban planning development. 

Electric skateboards as a daily transport offer another option that guarantees a reduction in carbon footprint. These devices run on rechargeable Li-ion batteries which implies that smog and other air pollutants are less of a problem.


Despite its growing popularity, the use of electric skateboards isn’t enmeshed in the culture of the general population. This is enough reason for skateboarders to form peer groups and cliques.

There isn’t a society or association which brings together all car owners.  The board is an excellent and easy way to start a conversation as people are curious about electric longboard skateboard specs, for example.

There is a massive community of people on the internet who use personal electric vehicles, from electric skateboards to e-scooters. On social media platforms like Facebook, riders organize group rides and competitions. It is an easy way to connect with those who share the same hobby as you!

What is your opinion on this? what benefits do you think that substituting a car for an e-board has brought to you? Show us your stories below 🙂


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