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5 Tips to Be More Sustainable

On April 22, Earth Day was celebrated, the largest environmental event in the world, an important occasion that reminds us how the planet, because of us, has become particularly fragile and what we can do to reverse the trend.

Contrary to those who believe that a sustainable life is very complex, requires too many sacrifices, is oppressive or too drastic, we are here to tell you the opposite; even the smallest changes in daily habits can have a great environmental impact.

That’s why for Earth Day 2022, we want to share our 5 sustainability tips with you.

#1 Save water and energy

Each of us in our own small way can contribute to a collective change aimed precisely at reducing water waste. The sustainable use of water in every single home can foster a very powerful collective synergy in terms of sustainability. It is often a matter of getting used to opening the water tap when we REALLY NEED TO, when washing, when using this precious resource in the kitchen or any other domestic activity and when turning on the washing machine, dishwasher, or radiators. At the same time, you must also learn how to recover rainwater to water the garden or wash the car. Ultimately, it’s all about learning how to conserve the water available to you as an act of responsibility to yourself, your loved ones, and the world, lest you bequeath a future in which life is unsustainable!

#2 Buy less and better

Of all the raw materials we take from nature and turn into products, about two-thirds end up as waste. The health of the planet, therefore, depends on all of us sustainably sourcing the items we really need and reusing them when we no longer need them. The shape of a possible and sustainable future is round: a circular economy where we use resources sparingly and recycle endlessly.

#3 Recycle waste and limit plastic use

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, in exactly that order. Reduce upstream the volume of waste, buying less disposable products, less packaged products (there are also detergents on tap, which also allow you to save money), fewer shopping bags, less food that too often ends up in the trash.

Reuse, or give new life to objects, or donate or exchange them;

Recycle: recycling concerns only 52% of the waste produced in Italy. Yet recycling is important for the environment: just think that for 1 ton of paper it takes 15 trees and 440,000 L of water, while for the equivalent of recycled paper only 1,800 and no trees!

#4 Be careful what you eat

Intensive livestock farming has a very strong impact on the environment. A varied diet, consisting mainly of fruits, vegetables, and vegetable proteins (especially if km 0) is good for the body but also for the Earth that hosts us.

#5 Overcome laziness and use the bike and public transport

If we all left the car in the garage even for one day a week, the difference would be enormous. The energy used today is produced mostly using non-renewable sources, such as oil and gas. Of these environmentally damaging emissions, 90% come from road transport, while rail and water transport account for only 10%. Our planet is no longer able to cope with transportation pollution, and a shift towards sustainability is urgent.

If you’re looking to make a serious impact on the environment, e-bikes are where you need to look. They are the future of transportation and the future is now.

Read more here about the impacts of electric bikes on the environment.

What are your suggestions to conduct a more sustainable lifestyle? Let us know with a comment below! we’d love to hear your opinion 🙂

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