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Reclaiming Our Streets: The Dream of Cities Beyond Car Parks (and why Linky is part of it)

Imagine a city where car parks are relics of the past, where streets are reclaimed for people, and urban spaces are designed to foster community, sustainability, and innovation.   Urban Space Reimagined  Recent studies have found that in many US cities parking spaces occupy more land that the building themselves. esearch by the International Parking Institute … Read more

Diana and the Jinn of Mount Zafferan

Diana lived in the relentless pulse of a busy city, where the days melded into a blur of metro ridesand the monotonous drone of inefficient public transportation. Each day was a mirror of the last, acycle of commutes that drained her spirit, leaving her yearning for the adventures that danced in herdreams. Travel was her … Read more

5 Benefits of Being Outdoors

The feeling of freedom (including mental freedom) induced by being in contact with nature and the sunshine releases endorphins that contribute to improved mood and positivity; it dampens anger and aggression, leading us to general emotional well-being. In addition to this, giving our brains a respite from daily and often excessive stimulation (stress) through increased … Read more

The Eye Also wants its part: everyone will be envious of your next Linky product

At Linky we are continuously searching for new ways to improve the way you experience cities, offering means of transportation that help travelers, students, and commuters to get from point A to B with joy and ease. In doing so, we give extreme importance to design. We enjoy looking and using aesthetically pleasing design because … Read more

Great Award for Our Unique Design

Linky Innovation Srl is an innovative start-up from Falerone, a small hill town in the Marche region that develops environmentally-friendly mobility solutions. The company was founded on April 11 2016, by 5 co-founders. As you know, our brand mission is to provide unique products that increase the freedom and independence of its customers with the … Read more