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The Best Electric Skateboard Accessories

Electric skateboards are already a TON of fun to ride. Nothing tops carving on an empty road or getting to where you need to go in style.

But those who are just using their boards out of the box, without any sort of add-ons, have yet to unlock their full potential.

Investing in some electric skateboard accessories could drastically improve your riding experience, or make it even more enjoyable.

We’re not just talking about the usual gear either e.g. a helmet, pads, backpacker, etc. There are some seriously cool gadgets out there for electric skateboards that you need to try out.

This article is an exhibition of some of the best electric skateboard accessories money can buy. Some of the choices are a bit silly and just fun to use; most are essential items that every rider should have.

Let’s see what they are.

Quick Answers

Here is a shortlist of the best and most useful electric skateboard accessories you’ll find in this article:

  • A Sick Pair of Sunglasses – Hawkers

Note that all of the above will work with almost any board you might have. Things like spare batteries, deck hooks, belt replacements, and fast chargers will need to be researched before purchasing in order to make sure they are compatible with your board.

Read on for more great electric skateboard accessories and more details.

The Best Electric Skateboard Accessories


girl walking across street with backpack and longboard

Arguably the most important accessory that any electric skateboard rider can have: the sacred backpack.

Every rider should have a good backpack. It’s not just for carrying all the other potential accessories in this list, but other items such as books, laptops, folders, keys, whatever.

Commuting longboarders and college students, in particular, NEED to have a good backpack.

The perfect electric longboard backpack will have the following:

  1. Enough space to hold what you carry but not too big to be cumbersome.
  2. Good resistance against the elements.
  3. The ability to accommodate your longboard, either inside or outside via straps.

If you already have a Linky, we suggest getting the Linky Daily Traveler backpack, which is specifically designed to hold the foldable electric longboard.

Otherwise, anything from GoRide, Slick Revolution, or AlterBags should be good.

Action Camera

gopro best action camera for longboarders

Item #2 that every electric skateboard owner should have is a good action camera. These are great when you want to record some epic downhill run or just want to preserve a memorable ride.

Crucially, action cameras are important because they are meant to be hands-free. Most of the time, you will need to have your hands free to balance and turn on the board. Sometimes, you might get away with a camera on a selfie stick, but that’s only if you’re cruising on easy terrain.

Your best option is to put the action camera on your helmet. Most reputable camera brands include some sort of mount you can attach to any model; just make sure the adhesive is sticky enough.

GoPro is the leading action camera manufacturer but there are plenty of other options. Garmin is a slightly more rugged option whilst Akaso is slightly more budget-friendly.

All-Terrain Wheels

best all terrain longboard wheels

If you want to turn your electric skateboard or longboard into an off-road beast, you’ll absolutely need new wheels. That’s because the wheels that most boards come with are too hard or small – they’re meant more for the streets and concrete.

All-Terrain wheels are built to handle tough terrain. They’re larger, have more grip, and are usually made of rubber. These kinds of wheels offer more stability and flexibility when it comes to dealing with obstacles like dirt, rocks, roots, and other objects in nature.

Whilst all-terrain wheels are meant for off-road usage, they can still be used in the cities. Many who commute to work with a longboard like the extra stability the larger wheels provide. If their wheels are the pneumatic type though, they’ll just need to be aware that they can be punctured.

Spare Battery

replacing an electric longboard battery linky

Batteries run out all the time when you’re on the road. Despite the fact that an electric skateboard conveniently becomes a regular skateboard when the battery is gone, it’s still a bit annoying.

The average electric skateboard battery will last for about 20 miles. That’s roughly 2 hours of riding. That’s enough juice for some, but others might need more.

Those who ride their board often throughout the day should pack a spare just in case. Make sure that you buy a battery that is compatible with your board. It will most likely come from the same brand.

Buy a spare battery for your Linky board here.

Fast Charger

fast charger best electric skateboard accessories

If you’re in a pinch or just use your electric skateboard a lot, being able to charge batteries quickly is huge.

Let’s be honest as well: most standard chargers that come with the board are not as fast as they could be.

Many electric longboard brands offer special fast chargers to those who are in need of them. These are markedly better at charging. For example, Linky’s fast charger will power the battery to 85% in only 30 minutes!

It is possible to buy a third-party fast charger. If you do this though, just make sure that the voltage and specs of the battery and charger are correct. Use the wrong charger and you could compromise the battery itself.

Light Rain Jacket

You never know when it comes to the weather. One moment, you could be riding around, suns out, guns out; the next, the heavens open up and you’re being dumped on.

It’s always good to pack some sort of lightweight shell or jacket in case it starts to rain while you’re riding. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. In fact, you’re probably better off with something super simple that packs away as easily as possible.

Linky sells a very simple rain jacket that can be collapsed into a pouch. Weighing only 60 grams as well, you’ll hardly even notice it’s in your bag.

Heavier Jacket

thick padded electric skateboard jacket

More regular and/or daring riders will want something a bit more durable than a thin rain jacket. This is mostly for protection in case you fall.

This is especially the case with downhill riders who often ride at very fast speeds and have a higher chance of accident and serious injury.

A leather jacket is a classic choice as these provide a ton of protection. After all, these have been motorcyclists’ go-to for practically ever.

There are lighter, cheaper, and more contemporary options available though. Lazyrolling makes an armored jacket that comes pre-equipped with shoulder, elbow, and back pads. You couldn’t even tell by looking at one either.

Spine Protector

If you’re doing serious speeds downhill and are truly at risk of serious injury, you should probably invest in total protection.

Spine protectors, which are commonly used by BMX riders, skiers, and mountain bikers, provide crucial extra protection to a seriously sensitive area. The extra padding and support that these can make all the difference in the event of a terrible accident.


electric skateboard rider putting on helmet

Speaking of safety, this is the #1 safety accessory for ALL electric skateboarders. Seriously, don’t leave home without one.

There are lots of different types of skateboard helmets available these days. Each is more or less catered to a different type of rider.

Half shell helmets are what you usually see electric skateboarders and longboarders wearing. They cover the forehead and extend back to just above the occipital part where the head meets the neck. These offer a good balance of protection and comfort.

Those who go on speed runs and downhill rides should use a full-face helmet instead. Covering the entire head from the neck up, these will protect your face in case of a gnarly wipeout.

Knee and Elbow Pads

knee wrist and thigh pads for electric skateboards

We all remember growing up and using these when we first learned to ride a bike or board. But even us adults could stand to use extra pads sometimes.

Knee and elbow pads protect mostly from getting scraped after falling off the border. In the case of a serious fall, they can also prevent nasty bone breaks.

Those who are just learning to ride their electric board ought to consider using some padding at first. Maybe feeling a little self-conscious about that? Just wear a hoodie over the pads 🙂

There are other types of pads available that would be beneficial to people who fall off their boards frequently. Butt, wrist, and thigh pads are also available to purchase.

Extra Belts

These aren’t so much an “electric skateboard accessory” per se, but, regardless, they’re still handy to have.

In short, the belt runs from the motor to the wheels*. When the motor runs, it turns the belt which then turns the wheels. That’s an electric drive system in a nutshell.

Belts do degrade over time and with use. Eventually, they will snap and, at that point, your board will not be able to function properly.

Installing a new belt can be done by yourself and no professional help is required. Check out our video below to learn how to change the belt on a Linky:

YouTube video

*Not every electric skateboard uses a belt drive – some use a hub drive. In the case of the latter, you will not need to worry about replacing belts since hub drives don’t use them.

Extra Bearings

Like belts, having an extra set of bearings would be handy.

Over time, bearings collect rust and dirt. As they do, they become less smooth and start to jam, making your riding experience much jankier.

Finding the RIGHT pair for your electric skateboard means it will run as fast and as smoothly as possible. There are seriously tons of different bearings out there as well – riders tend to find a brand they like and stick to it.

Do some research, try out different bearings, and land on a manufacturer you like.

Grip tape Cleaner

deck cleaner awesome electric skateboard accessory

An easy electric skateboard accessory that might seem unnecessary at first but is, in fact, totally unskippable once you actually use it.

Essentially no more than a cube of rough rubber, grip tape cleaners, also known as gummy cubes, can seriously remove almost anything gritty from your board. Dirt, chalk, mud, no problem.

One could use a towel or brush to clean their deck but these aren’t ideal – the tape is just too rough for these to get a good grip.

Grip tape cleaner really is the best way to keep your board looking fresh. And trust us: we’ve seen some well-used Linky boards that could REALLY use some of this as well.

Tool Kit

Most modern electric skateboards come with some sort of tool to adjust the board. Sometimes, the tools are just a simple L wrench or an allen.

If you ever need to replace yours, a T tool is a good bet. They’re light, cheap, and get the job done.

Travel Bag

girl riding in the middle of nowhere with large electric skateboard bag

Sometimes, you need something a bit more than a backpack. This is especially so if you plan on traveling with an electric longboard or skateboard for that matter.

A good alternative to a backpack would be some sort of duffel bag. You’ll have a bit more space to carry all of your accessories and your board will be more protected since it is stored inside the bag.

Personally, when I travel, I usually have some sort of medium-sized 40L backpack and a larger duffel. It makes for an overall easier experience IMO.

When choosing a good bag, you’ll want something with a dedicated compartment for the board. This will ensure that it stays secured and reduces the chances of it getting damaged while traveling. Some bags come with internal straps and extra spaces for a helmet as well.


cool guy riding electric longboard with glasses

Can’t leave the house with your favorite pair, can you?

Personally, we’re big fans of anything from Hawkers. They’re affordable and look damn good.

Also, if you haven’t discovered them already, polarized sunglasses are a game-changer. Skies are bluer, glass buildings aren’t so blinding, and glare is practically non-existent. They’re great when riding or doing anything active really.

Bluetooth Headphones

Stay hands-free and invest in a good pair of wireless headphones.

Regular earbuds would work but consider something a bit more secure like a headset. You don’t want them to be shaken loose by a bump and then fall out.

Always choose a name brand as well. Bose and Sony are good places to start.

Underglow Lights

underglow lights fun electric skateboaed accessory

Do you like to ride your electric skateboard at night? Want to liven things up a bit?

Try some underglow lights from Board Blazers! They’re LED, rechargeable, come in eight different colors, and are easy to install. Mount these bad boys and you’ll look like something straight out of Fast and the Furious (or a mobile disco).

Heads up: these lights are turned on and off via a twisting motion, which a lot of users complain is not great. The glue that comes with the lights is just not strong enough and the lights tend to fall off reportedly. So you might want to consider using a different adhesive.

Wall Hanger, Wall Rack, or Stand

Don’t feel like tripping over your board? Need a home for it when it’s not being used? There are a couple of different ways you could store it:

  1. Wall hanger – A hook that you mount to the wall and hang your board vertically. Can only accommodate one board at a time. Buy several to show off your collection.
  2. Wall rack – Usually has several layers that can accommodate multiple boards. Boards are laid horizontally so the decals aren’t visible. Requires more wall space to mount.
  3. Ground stand Doesn’t require any sort of mounting or drilling at all. Just prop your board up against it when you’re done. Make sure that whatever stand you do get is rated to handle the size and weight of yours though.

Note: Linky boards are meant to be stored folded. When they are open, they automatically switch on, thus draining the battery. Stands, racks, and hangers are not required.

Deck Hook

deck hook useful electric longboard accessory

Already have a good backpack that you want to convert into an electric skateboarding backpack, easily?

No problem. Deck hooks are here to help.

This ingenious electric skateboard accessory is simple: it’s a metal hook with a couple of straps that you can mount on almost any backpack. When you’re ready to go, all you need to do is pin the longboard on the hook, and voila! Like magic, the longboard is now hanging from your backpack.

Admittedly, a deck hook isn’t a proper replacement for a good skateboard backpack. But if you’re already committed to another bag and need a quick fix, a deck hook is a simple solution that does a good job.

NOTE: Linky boards are meant to be carried folded up. They are not designed to be carried using a hook.

Bash guard

Bash guards are nice to have if you are generally hard on your board and want to keep it in as top condition as possible. They’re not a vital electric skateboard accessory but just about any rider can benefit from one.

Bash guards fit over the front and/or back of your board and protect it from unexpected blows. For example, perhaps you hit an incline that is a bit too steep or come off a curb that is a bit too high. Rather than slamming the edge of the board into the ground – and potentially damaging it seriously – the bash guard absorbs the blow.

Ask your board’s manufacturer if they make a bash guard specific to your board. If not, you might be able to find something off the shelf.

First Aid Kit

first aid kit electric longboard accessory

Ask any serious skater: injuries are an inevitability. Scrapes, sprains, bruises, and broken bones are all common occurrences. And whilst we can’t tell you EXACTLY what needs to be done in case these injuries happen, you’ll definitely need something to patch them all.

It is very easy to buy a premade first aid kit. Most aren’t even that large. They usually come with the standard bandages, wraps, disinfectants, etc. Unless you seriously fracture or dislocate something, this should be enough, either to get you home or the hospital.

And who’s to say that YOU are the one who will get hurt. A buddy of yours might bail poorly and need help afterward. That’s where you and the first aid kit come in, you legend.


man sliding on electric longboard while using gloves

Aside from providing a little extra protection in case you get tossed from your board, gloves can also be used when carving or sliding.

Carving, which we covered very briefly in our article about choosing the right longboard, is when you turn sharply to increase speed. Some riders end up touching the ground with their hands if the carve is big enough.

Sliding is a bit more intense and definitely requires you to get your hands on the ground.

Unless you plan on losing your skin while doing a big carve or slide, you’ll want a pair of gloves to keep those hands lookin’ pretty.

If you’re going to be using gloves for carving or sliding, you’ll need slide gloves specifically. Otherwise, a regular pair should keep your hands protected in the case of a fall.

Wrapping Up

There you have them: the 23 best accessories to buy for your electric skateboard! Buy these and you will have everything that you could possibly need.

Did we forget a crucial item? Leave a comment below and let us know what it is!

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