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The Electric Longboard Backpack: Your Most Important Accessory

The difference between a casual electric longboarder and a diehard electric longboarder is often vague. What makes the latter so damn appealing and how can I become a better boarder myself?

Well, aside from riding your electric longboard every day and using it for things like commuting, what gear you use is hugely important.

And no piece of equipment is arguably more important than a good electric longboard backpack. 

Having a solid backpack will not only allow you to carry more while you’re riding but will also give a place to put your electric longboard when you’re not using it. This is crucial for those who travel a lot with their board or those who just use it regularly throughout the day.

Electric longboard bags are not your run-of-the-mill backpack either – there’s quite a bit that goes into them. You’ll need to consider size, materials, ergonomics, and, of course, price, among many other factors.

This guide is intended to help riders find the perfect backpack for their electric longboard. We’re going to help you find the perfect one for you and go further into why you should have one in the first place.

Let’s ride!

What makes an electric longboard backpack special?

Electric longboard backpacks differ from regular backpacks because they are intentionally designed to carry longboards. How they actually accommodate the longboard varies from model to model, but regardless, their primary purpose should always be making the board comfortable and safe to carry.

Most backpacks come with custom features – ties, compartments, hooks, etc – to arrest the longboard as well as accessories. Some bags use straps to tie the longboard down whilst others rely upon a large compartment in which the rider stores the board in its entirety.

girl riding an electric longboard with a backpack

Because of their specialized design, electric longboard backpacks are not always “one-size fits all”. In other words, certain backpacks are sometimes meant for certain boards.

If you’re a serious electric longboard user, you should definitely consider buying a special backpack to carry your board. It’ll make your life so much easier as you won’t have to worry so much about carrying stuff in your hands while riding or the board itself. In particular, those who travel with their electric longboards have a TON to gain from investing in a good backpack.

5 ways that an electric longboard backpack helps

Still on the fence? Here are some reasons why you should buy an electric longboard backpack.

1. You can pack extra stuff when riding

Chances are you’ll want to bring something with you when you ride your electric longboard. Could be a spare battery, could be a change of clothes, could be anything really! College students will be especially wanting for space as they’ll need to bring their books, laptop, pens, pencils, and half the stationary store when going to class.

Having a backpack is simply mandatory in these situations. There’s just no way you can possibly take all that stuff using just your pockets and hands. Doing so would just be downright dangerous.

Having a backpack while boarding can also unlock a lot of new places! No longer will you have to run back to the house to grab that one thing you need. Instead, just take it all with you and spend the entire day out riding.

2. You can be hands-free

When riding an electric longboard, it is really is important that you keep your hands free at all times.

For one thing, you need to use one hand to actually grip the remote! Meanwhile, the other is used for balancing (perhaps on a gnarly corner you’re carving) or to help catch yourself when you’re about to fall and eat the pavement.

man riding electric longboard quickly with backpack
Literally hands-free.

You don’t want to be in a situation where you need to dedicate one arm to holding onto something for dear life. There’s enough going on as it is and having to worry about clinging on to a laptop or notebook is going to make your ride way more stressful. God forbid you drop that laptop too…

Just put everything in an electric longboard backpack and save yourself the hassle.

3. It’s a convenient way to store your longboard

When you’re done riding, you need a place to put your longboard. Rather than just propping it up against some wall or desk, use an electric longboard backpack and store it somewhere safe.

Picture this: you just finished your longboard commute to work. You grab your board, throw it in or strap it to your backpack, walk in the front door, and then casually hang it in the employee room with all the other bags. No worrying about someone tripping over it, no worrying about someone kicking it over on accident, and no worrying about it breaking. Job well done.

Seriously, one of the biggest pain points with having an electric longboard is just finding a way to store it that doesn’t get in people’s way. A backpack makes storage oh so much easier.

4. It makes traveling with your electric longboard easier

If you’ve ever tried to ride a crowded bus or train while holding a longboard, you know the look: people glaring at you from all angles clearly annoyed because the board is occupying so much space. And when it comes to getting off the bus, get ready for the screams of abuse as you try to politely push past.

Having an electric longboard backpack makes just traveling on public transport easier but all traveling general.

Linky transportability
When you have the right backpack for your electric longboard, you can go anywhere.

Having a backpack means that you can carry your board close to your body in a non-intrusive manner. It means you can get on and off the bus no matter how tight the squeeze. It means that you can walk through the airport terminal smoothly without bumping into people at security or check-in. It means you can go about your business without having to worry about holding the damn thing all the time.

If you have a foldable electric longboard, like Linky, you have even MORE options. Ever think it was impossible to take your electric longboard on the plane with you? If it’s foldable, why not?! Just slip into your backpack and stow it overhead, simple as that. Talk about ultimate convenience.

5. You can grab and go

Early day tomorrow? Pack up your electric longboard backpack the night before and hit the ground running! No need to go around collecting everything half-dazed and totally rushed right after you’ve waken-up.

Having a backpack means you can keep everything nice, organized, and totally accounted for ahead of time.

Types of electric longboard backpacks

The following are common types of backpacks that are used to carry electric longboards:

  • Strapped electric longboard backpacks – These bags rely upon external straps to hold the longboard. These are convenient because riders can access their boards more easily but this comes at the cost of protection. Strapped longboards are almost always exposed in some way.
  • “Contained” electric longboard backpacks* – These backpacks have an enormous compartment, which you fit your longboard completely into. These provide ultimate protection but can be a bit tedious to use, not to mention select. You’ll need to find the right-sized backpack in this case that will fit your board.
  • Regular travel backpack – A lot of riders opt to buy a regular backpack and then outfit it to accommodate an electric longboard. If you take this route, you’ll want to make sure that either a) the backpack has strong and well-fitted straps that you can tie your longboard down with or b) you have an accessory like a Deck Hook that you can use to safely mount the board. Option B can be convenient as it will fit on most backpacks but, fair warning, not all longboards will fit on it.
  • Electric longboard duffel bags – You don’t see these very often because it’s not very common that electric longboards are packable enough to be carried using a duffel. But Linky boards are the exception. Because they’re foldable, they can easily fit into the bottom of a duffel whilst the rest of your gear sits at the top. The Linky Voyager bag actually comes with a hidden compartment meant just to hold your board! It’s perfect for a weekend getaway or for taking on an airplane.

*I’ve not heard an actual term used the discern between backpacks that have a dedicated compartment and those that just rely upon straps. For now, I just refer to the former kind as “contained” backpacks.

Things to consider before choosing a backpack

Consider the following when searching for the best possible electric longboard backpack:

The longboard itself

Not all electric longboards are going to fit in each and every bag. Some are going to work better with specific backpack brands or models.

Before buying an electric longboard, consider the ergonomics of the longboard itself first. The length, bulkiness, and shape will all factor into how well the board fits onto or into a certain backpack.

Linky: your green travelmate
Foldable is the way to go.

It might be the case that certain backpacks are designed for certain longboards. For example, HUBRO backpacks tend to work well with Boosted Boards whilst the Linky Daily Traveler is designed specifically for a foldable Linky longboard.


It’s always good to have a tough backpack, no matter what you’re doing or where you’re going. Nothing is more frustrating than watching an attendant manhandle your bag or seeing it tear at the slightest impact. If you fall off your board while riding and are carrying valuables like a laptop, then you better hope the backpack has enough padding too.

When it comes to durability, the best electric longboard will be made from high-quality materials, such as tarpaulin, rip-stop nylon, and sometimes hard plastics. Check the manufacturing quality of the backpack thoroughly and make sure it looks and feels robust.

Also, be sure that there is some kind of padding on the backpack. The part touching your own back should definitely have some, for the sake of comfort, but you’ll want to make sure that is the padding on the bottom of the bag and maybe even in the interior.


Space is crucial not just for the sake of the board itself but also for all the stuff you want to bring. The best electric longboard backpacks should offer enough room to accommodate both.

A backpack should have several dedicated compartments. If it’s the kind of backpack that is meant to wrap around the entire board – as opposed to exteriors strappings – then there ought to be at least two separate vestibules: one for the board and for the rest of your stuff.

packing an electric longboard backpack with lots of stuff
Look at that stuff you need to pack!

Backpack capacity is measured using liters. The average amount is usually around 30-40.

Note that it might not necessarily be a good thing to buy the largest electric longboard backpack possible. Overly large backpacks can be too cumbersome, not only to ride but travel with. You’re better off determining how much room you actually need based upon the things you carry most often and buy a suitable backpack then.

Comfort and fit

This is often one of the most overlooked aspects when people are looking to buy an electric longboard backpack. It is also one of the MOST important things to consider.

You could be riding your longboard for long periods of time. As you start carrying more stuff with you – and not just the longboard – that backpack is going to start getting heavy as well. It’s not uncommon to be carrying around 40 pounds worth of gear, especially if you’re traveling.

Make sure that your backpack fits you well. The shoulder traps ought to contour to your body, rather than dig in, and the hip straps (if you have them) should sit above your pelvis. The backpack should also maintain a relatively sturdy shape as you big to pack it (sagging has a negative impact on your body).

While you’re at it, make sure to pack your electric longboard backpack properly as well. Put heavier items at the bottom of the bag and then lighter ones at the top. This will maintain the center of gravity in the bag.

best electric longboard backpack comfort
An older, less comfortable version of the Linky backpack that was phased out.

Extra features

Straps, pockets, rings, hooks, chargers; backpacks these days are like Batman utility belts! And the more people use them, the more creative the designers get. Who knows what the electric longboard backpack of the future will look like.

If you’re the kind of person who takes ergonomics seriously, then be on the lookout for the little things a bag offers, the bells and whistles. Whilst some extras aren’t so useful, others are really game-changers, like the cellphone pocket.


The price of an electric longboard bag is between $50 and $150. You could certainly spend more than that but I wouldn’t spend less. Anything less than $50 is either going to be really basic or poorly made.

Do yourself a favor and spend the extra money on a good backpack. If you take care of the bag, it can last for years and will outlast many boards. Regular travelers know this already but a backpack is like your home, so make it a good one.

Trusted Brands and the Best Electric Longboard Backpacks


linky electric longboard backpacks

All of Linky’s bags are designed specifically for the Linky foldable longboard.

The ‘Daily Traveler’ is made from tough nylon materials and features a secondary padded pouch for valuables. Despite being smaller than most other longboard bags, this backpack can comfortably accommodate the Linky board, a laptop, and several books. Together, the Linky longboard and backpack combine to make one of the most compact packages on the market.

The ‘Voyager’ is a bit more stylish. It is a duffel-style bag made with denim and suede fabrics and is intended for more serious travelers. There’s a hideaway pouch at the bottom of the bag for the Linky board and a primary compartment with plenty of room for clothing and/or accessories.

Notable backpack models:


goride electric longboard backpacks

GoRide backpacks are great all-around and are very reasonably priced. They have large capacities, lots of extra built-in features, and are compatible with most longboard designs (not just their own). All this for less than $100.

GoRide has two backpacks on offer: the ‘Commuter’ and the ‘Commuter Elite’.

The Commuter is the standard model that uses external straps to carry longboards. But rather than being located on the back of the backpack, which is the more typical place, these straps are on the front, facing outward. This allows for quick access to the board but can also make the backpack a bit unbalanced at times. With heavier loads, the bag is a little uncomfortable.

The ‘Elite’ version is a sealed backpack that is intended to hold the entire board inside rather than strapping it down externally. This means that the board is completely covered at all times, which is great when you’re traveling. When you’re not skating either, you can use the extra internal space to carry more stuff as well!

Notable backpack models:

Slick Revolution

slick revolution electric longboard bags

Slick Revolution backpacks are designed specifically to be adaptable. They can accommodate all types of electric longboards and can hold all sorts of different personal items.

Slick covers a lot of bases with their backpacks. They’re made of tough, water-resistant materials, come with a variety of hooks and straps for mounting items, and have very well-organized interiors. You can access the inside of the bag in multiple ways and can readjust the interior using the padded dividers, which photographers and gadget-nerds will appreciate very much.

Because of their wide appeal and customizability, Slick Revolution backpacks have become a market standard. These bags will serve any electric longboarder well and for a long time. They are, predictably, more expensive than other brands though.

Notable backpack models:


alterbags backpacks for electric longboards

Another staple company in the electric longboard bag market, AlterBags have come to be very reliable.

Rather than make one bag that fits all boards though, AlterBag opted to be more focused with their design. All of their bags come in either ‘mini’ or ‘maxi’ versions: minis are better for shorter boards whilst maxis are better for longer. Some models, like the Gunmetal, also come with additional features like hip straps.

No matter which model you choose though, AlterBags are designed to be sleek and efficient. They use space very well, despite looking sleek as hell, and can hold a 15” laptop. If you need more space, the bags are also expandable thanks to the rolltop.

Notable backpack models:


dakine mission backpack

Lots of the big-name brands, such as Nike and Volcom, make backpacks for carrying skateboards and longboards. Whilst it’s tough to wrong with players like these, Dakine is arguably the most reputable of the bunch.

Dakine has been making outdoor backpacks for decades and surfers, skateboarders, and snowboarders all swear by the brand. Above all, Dakine backpacks are well-made, comfortable, and very utilitarian. They may not be the fanciest backpacks around but they get the job done, period.

One model, in particular, called the ‘Mission’, is regularly touted as one of the best backpacks ever made. It may be intended for snowboarding, but just about every kind of boarder can benefit from using the Mission.

Notable backpack models:

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