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Your Wish Is Our Command ;-)

Hi everyone!

As you know, we distributed a survey out of which we received some requests from your end. Thank you so much for doing so! The time has now arrived that we give you some answers and more raw video coverage on Linky.

Join us on a bumpy ride

You asked, we listened. This week we’ve recorded a raw video to show you Linky’s skills in moving over speed bumps, riding off the sidewalk and maneuvering over rough pavement. As you will see in the video below, nothing is to rough for this folding mechanism. With the new riding modes we also demonstrate the start and breaking functionalities. Enjoy!

YouTube video

Our answers to your questions

We received multiple questions regarding our warranties and after-sales support. To ensure you are fully informed on our services we highlighted and answered the most frequently asked questions here:

Could you provide more details on the warranty?

  • Linky comes with a standard 2 year manufacturer’s warrantee on the battery and board. In the case of a problem you will contact customer services and we will take care of the rest.
  • In addition, as many elements of a skateboard may get damaged due to normal use we will provide a user and maintenance manual with the instructions necessary for the maintenance of components such as wheels, bearings and the belt.


Where can I order an extra belt?

  • There is no need to as Linky get’s delivered with an extra belt already! 😀


How can I pre-order extra Linky products?

  • At our Indiegogo page you can already order an extra set of wheels!
  • From the end of March you can also order an extra battery package. Keep an eye on the page.



Next steps

As you may have noticed, we are currently working hard on the remote control. We are making big progress and are confident to tell you that we will share the final version with you next week. It can be easily integrated into a folded Linky too! 

We’ll keep you posted guys. See you next week!

The Linky Team

3 thoughts on “Your Wish Is Our Command ;-)”

  1. Im wondering if you are working on a upgraded version? With dual motors or st least a motor in the back instead of the front? And maybe a more quiet motor?

    I also found it very strange that you answered the question about extra belt with ”no need”. There is obviously need since belts break and nobody wants to buy a board without availible spare parts. An included extra belt is great, but as long as it’s not indestructable it really does not answer the question.

    I think your product seems really good, and Inthink you should make it great. Like imagine a great skateboard that is foldable instead of a great eskate because it is foldable.

  2. I just bought a linky. I have never ridden a skateboard before but folding it requires touching the wheels a lot which is not very cool since the wheels tend to get dirty and go over a lot of stuff on the road. I would like to request:
    1) easier folding mechanism (handles or hand grips or slits in the sides which allow us to fold & unfold & carry the product)
    2) the skateboard is still too heavy (maybe future versions can be lighter)?
    3) could you introduce hubwheel motors (or motors in wheels) to put an end to belts?
    4) could you introduce wheels that are all terrain (say pneumatic, because they are likely to be lighter) & with better tred (that should have been number one)


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