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What’s the perfect city commuting vehicle?

‘What’s the best personal vehicle to commute within a city?’ That’s a question Micah Toll asked himself in a recent article on Of course, the answer is different for everyone. It depends on the length of your commute, the amount of traffic you’ll have to deal with, the type of roads you’ll travel. Nonetheless, there’s a reason that electric personal vehicles are becoming more and more popular.

Micah tested an electric scooter, two types of e-bikes and an electric scooter. His opinion about riding an electric skateboard to work? ‘The electric skateboard was hands down the most fun of all the personal electric vehicles I commuted on. Surfing down the street was a great way to start the day, and absolutely brought a smile to my face. How many of you can say that about your commute?’

And that’s exactly one of the things we had in mind when we founded Linky: a smart and safe way to make your commute more fun!

He added later in his article: ‘For convenience though, the skateboard was probably the most convenient because of how small it was. I could just carry it into a building with me once I arrived. If you had a folding skateboard like the one I reviewed here on Electrek, you could even stash it in your backpack.’

And with that last sentence he was, of course, referring to Linky, which he reviewed just a few days earlier. What did he say about our board? ‘I think the biggest judge of the quality of a product is the “are you going to use it” test. Anyone can say something nice about a product in a review, but if it’s really something good, then you’ll actually want to use it.’

‘For me, Linky has definitely become my go-to electric longboard. It’s just so convenient that I have almost stopped using my other three electric skateboards completely. My electric scooter and three electric bicycles have also been getting neglected because now I usually hop on the Linky for the majority of my errands around town.’

You can read the full, extensive review on or you can watch his video review below.

YouTube video

Again, preferences differ among people, but if you’re looking for something fun and convenient, Linky ticks of those boxes! At least, that’s what Micah says 😉

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