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Trade Show, Pitch Presentation & User Experience

Hi everyone,

As always, it’s been a busy week for the Linky team!

Linky in Munich

Cristiano went to the ISPO in Munich, Germany. It’s a big trade show for sports businesses and he was there to discuss sales partnerships. Of course, he had his Linky to move around town.

Linky in Munich

Pitch Sole 24 Ore

There was another big event for us this week! We gave a pitch presentation to raise capital in an important startup competition which is organized by Sole 24 Ore, well-known financial magazine. Even though the investors were not even within our target group, there was a lot of interest coming from them!

Next week there will be another pitch for Business Angels and VC from the United States.

Trying Linky for the first time!

User Experience

Of course, we also worked on the technical side of Linky this week. Specifically, we were working on the folding mechanism. With just one movement, you can now block and unblock Linky in the straight position. This system is created in a way that the skateboard is fixed in the open position when you are riding, so if you’re a pro, you can use the kicktail to make sharp and narrow turns. Have a look at the video!

YouTube video

Next steps

What to expect next?

  • We’ll do more range testing with the new battery packs.
  • We’ll test fast charging and temperature validation
  • After the assembly of the latest prototype, we’ll get more feedback to work with.
  • We’ll shoot some new videos of the riding mode user experience.


The Linky Team

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