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The Eye Also wants its part: everyone will be envious of your next Linky product

At Linky we are continuously searching for new ways to improve the way you experience cities, offering means of transportation that help travelers, students, and commuters to get from point A to B with joy and ease.

In doing so, we give extreme importance to design.

We enjoy looking and using aesthetically pleasing design because it satisfies our senses, it gives us pleasure, it’s pleasing to our eyes.

A new mobility

We really think that the young generation needs a new way of thinking the mobility inside the cities, something that is affordable and with its minimalist design respectful for the environment.

Thanks to its portability and to its compactness all the Linky products can be even a nice piece of furniture inside a cool studio 😜. Linky’s products are made for the urban environment.

Linky skateboard on a shelf
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” –Leonardo da Vinci


Our products contain technology but emotions at the same time.

With a made in Italy design, we consider the attention for the details and the care for smart design.

The features of each product have been object of style research focused on the clients’ needs.

That’s why for the Linky Skateboard we have decided to use soft-touch plastics interchanged by innovative materials, like bamboo, used in the superior coverage of the vehicle. The design associated with the backpack has been created by recalling the modern vintage style and the personality of the brand. We have worked very hard, with the aid of specific tests, on the user-friendly aspect of the product.


The details are not the details. They make the design.

Linky’s innovative and unique design is also confirmed by ADI Design, the Italian association of reference in the field of industrial design. In the event held in 2020 at the National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan, the electric folding skateboard was selected among the best design products in Italy in the mobility category, along with prestigious brands such as Ducati, Lamborghini, and Ferrari.

The Marche Region also believed in this innovative enterprise so much so that Linky Innovation was selected along with 19 other innovative startups from the Marche region to participate in Smau Milano 2019 in October, the Exhibition of Innovation and Technology at the Service of Italian Business, where Linky Innovation was a great success.

An aesthetic product has an inherent power of being able to fascinate and immediately appeals to its users senses.

“Only well-executed objects can be beautiful. The aesthetic quality of a product is integral to its usefulness because products used every day have an effect on people and their well-being.” (Dieter Rams)

good looking bike in the living room
The Ezy e-bike is aimed at riders who value style and portability. Ezy is a love affair designed with urban mobility closely in mind.


When you buy a product from Linky Innovation, you’ll get not just an high-tech means of transportation that is going to make your life easier, but also something that will add beauty and personality to your commuting, and why not, also to your living room!

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