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The challenges of electric mobility in a planet with limited resources

We are all aware, to a certain extent, of the problem of limited environmental resources and how our facilities and economic and industrial methods do nothing but make things worth.

There’s been lots of talk by experts: Serge Latouche, French philosopher and economist, published “The Bet of the decline” in 2009, a book that can be considered a theoretical manifesto for sustainability. Pope Bergoglio has literally thundered through his encyclical “green” on the care of the “Common House” against consumption-focused production. This was echoed by Carlo Petrini, founder and president of the SlowFood movement, always a front-line fighter for the protection of the planet’s environmental, gastronomic and landscape heritage.

But where do we start if we want to reverse these trends? The world of green transport is definitely an important starting point to revolutionize our way of life: electric mobility can and should be a major element in this revolution.

Linky is our contribution: a skateboard powered entirely by electricity, with outstanding performance on the road. Linky is poised to become an option for sustainable, green mobility, supplementing public transportation in order to make it easier to get from point A to point B without having to use polluting cars.

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  1. Sustainable mobility means a better future, and not only for the planet but also for us. We have to change our habits and start to use greener means of transport! Thank you for this post.


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