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App & Production Update

Hi everyone,

Time for a new update! At this moment, we’re only 1% away from our $200,000 stretch goal! With only 2.5 more days to go, we’re still aiming to make it and we’re hoping that you will support us by grabbing your Indiegogo discount before it’s gone! You can order your Linky with that 32% discount here.

Whether we’ll make it or not, we’ve decided to thank you for your support by creating the Linky app anyway! We’ve been working on that parallel to our other production activities and now we’re ready to show you 3 different looks for our interface. Our question for you is: which one do you like best? You can vote here for your favorite!

On the image above, you can already see a couple of the functionalities, like choosing your riding mode and checking the battery status. We will add more features to it, like the distance Linky will last with the current battery level, the trip distance, and we have a couple of cool surprise features!

Production Update

As you know, reliability and user experience have our top priority in building Linky. The same goes for all the required certificates, as proof of Linky’s safety. Some parts of the board are now ready and already taken into production, but a few other pieces need some final tweaks to make sure they’re up to our high standards (and yours!). We made an overview of the status of the various parts.

As you can see, it’s really just a few more things before everything is ready. The fine-tuning is all to make sure that even the smallest details are of the highest quality and that Linky goes far beyond your expectations. We’re asking for your understanding in this and are so grateful for your support.

That’s all for now. We’ll keep you posted!

Have a nice weekend,
The Linky Team

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