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Shine A Light!

Hi all,

We cannot believe how time flies while we’re working on Linky. This week we’ve already been able to kick-off with the tooling and manufacturing process.

It was meant to be controlled

Our final board of the remote controller is here. Besides the on/off switch, it is equipped with a Bluetooth connection and it allows you to select from four riding modes: Sport – Cruise – Eco – Safety. The display also shows you the status of the battery of both the skateboard and the remote controller. More detailed pictures of the controller will follow next week, but check out this “behind-the-scenes” video first:

YouTube video

Into the light

As promised last week, we have put together a video to show you Linky’s LED light. After several tests we have chosen this final version. See its wide range during the hours of darkness here:

YouTube video

Next steps

Ever wondered how Milan would look like from a skateboarder’s perspective? Then don’t miss our update next week! We’ll share some great shots while riding Linky, we promise!


The Linky Team

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