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Rider Stories

Share your perspective about how riding changes the way you experience the city.

Read about stories from our riders or contribute your own story for a chance to be featured. We would love to hear from you🙂

The first story we want to tell is about Alessandro.

Alessandro, Rider of the Month

rider of the month
Chilling by the Po River, nothing better.

Alessandro is a 24-year-old student of economics at the University of Cremona, Italy.

He uses his Ezy e-bike to do many activities in the city.

I use my Ezy first thing in the morning to get to my university, to go to the gym which is on the opposite side of the city, to go to the supermarket, and also to discover hidden places of Cremona.

When I’m feeling a bit lethargic or restless, biking around town gives me a positive mindset. The benefits of exercise are far and wide and getting a regular boost of endorphins and serotonin is great for when I need to focus on my studying. Focusing on the road while cycling helps ease feelings of stress and anxiety while helping clear my mind of mental chatter.

Ezy Electric Bike

Riding improve your Mental Health

When I get overstressed by the preparation of an exam, I take the bike and I go for an easy ride alongside the Po River. It’s a way to slow down my day, get rid of the stress, and embrace the present moment.

I feel the breeze of fresh air on my face, focus my attention on the beauty that surrounds me and I forget of the colossal amount of study I have to do. Riding my bike is a way to recharge my energy, to feel grounded, and only then I can go back to work in a more relaxed way.

Cycling is good for your mental health as well.

Cycling helps reduce congestion and is a healthy and affordable mode of transport for the younger generation. Enabling students to dodge the speeding cars, avoid long waits at bus stops, and save money! You can travel between classes and charge your portable battery as you go. If you live in a dorm room, you can even choose a folding electric bike, which can be put into storage for convenient living. In certain cities, many attractions may be just outside of walking distance, which makes electric bikes all the handier.

Usually, I commute along the river, surrounded by trees and the sounds of birds, arriving at the university happy and full of energy, and the same when I come home. I’ve lost weight too and it has improved my physical and mental health. I don’t waste time in endless traffic jams. Sometimes I take a detour in the city center so I can discover hidden parts of the town.

“It has really been a transformation for the better. 

It’s great to commute like that.

Best thing I’ve bought in years”. 

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