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Reviews, logistics & more…

Hi everyone,

The first two months of 2018 have gone by and it’s been so great to see more and more people around the world enjoy their Linky! One of them is Joeri, a Linky fan from The Netherlands, who was so excited about his board that he wanted to make a video of it. ‘The Linky is a little bit dirty, because I drove with it a lot already and I really love it!’ We think that’s a fair excuse for a bit of dirt on the board 😉

Watch the full video here: 

YouTube video

Earlier this week, Paolo also had a good day. He went to the Istituto Lorenzo de’ Medici to give a guest lecture about product design. He shared the Linky story and all the lessons learned with the students, and of course, afterwards the students could give Linky a try.


Also some updates from logistics: we had customs issues in Italy and the U.S.A. Everything in Italy is now solved and the customers there are receiving their Linky now one by one. We got some really good feedback from our Italian fans! As for the U.S.: we learned what exactly the issues were and how to fix them for future shipments, meaning that from the second batch onwards, there haven’t been any delivery problems and people across the U.S. are now enjoying their Linky, and also potential customers in the U.S. don’t have to worry about these issues anymore. This is also good news for the first batch still stuck at customs, because it shows that Linky does indeed fulfil all the requirements, just as we claimed from the beginning. We have a local specialised lawyer on the case now, and we expect to receive good news from his this or next week.

That’s it for now. Have a good day!

All the best,

The Linky Team

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