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Rainy Rides

Hi everyone,

Even though for most of you summer is almost there (or for the lucky ones: already there!), we got more questions about Linky in the rain. Well, that sounds like a perfect test opportunity for our ambassador Moko!

Moko went out in the rain riding his Linky board and didn’t have to avoid the puddles! You can find the video on his Facebook and yes, he speaks Italian, but the video parts of Linky speak for themselves 😉

You can find the video here with Linky starting at 0.55s. Want to skip directly to the rain test? Fast forward to 2.29s!

We also created another video for you in which Giovanni, the team’s Tech Hero, explains the latest technical improvements of the remote. We are constantly working to make the user experience as simple and intuitive as possible, while at the same time making sure that Linky is super safe to use.

Want to see all the latest features? Watch the video!

YouTube video

That’s it for this week. Speak soon!

The Linky Team

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