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What people say about Linky

Hi there!

Now that most of the boards have arrived, it’s time for another update! We are SO excited about all the positive messages we’re getting!

Regarding shipment: Australia, most of Europe and most of Asia have now received their Linky! For North & South America, the boards are still waiting for customers clearance, but after that’s sorted, it will only be a matter of days. For the remaining countries, the boards are on their way and will arrive around Christmas.

As with all brand new, first generation products, some customers ran into some problems. However, we’re happy to say that most of the issues were small enough to be fixed by the customers with some video assistance from us. Small or big issue – safe boards & happy customers are our priority, so we do anything to assure that!

A bit sad that you didn’t order your own Linky yet? You can still order yours with a discount from our Indiegogo page!

Till next time,

The Linky Team

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