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Since 2021 is almost over, we wanted to dedicate a moment to express our gratitude for the year that has just passed.

We all know how much this year has been challenging, business-wise but also on a personal level.

But this crisis also has provided us with the opportunity to think about all aspects of our work differently.

It has allowed us to examine how we can take advantage of innovation to be more flexible in meeting the needs of every customer.

Nothing will ever take away the need for, and the value of, the personal connections that are so vital to the work we do.

In 2021 we welcomed 4 new members to our team, Edoardo, Marco, Silvia, and Nikoleta, a real breath of fresh air.

We’ve been featured in the exhibition Italia Geniale at the Expo Italy in Dubai and at Italy: the art of science that ADI together with Fondazione Idis-Città della Scienza of Naples is organizing for the Italian Embassy in Mexico at UNIVERSUM MUSEO DE LAS CIENCIAS.

We launched our new line of electric bikes and we’ve received hundreds of amazing reviews from our beloved customers.

We are excited for the future ahead!

Thank you for supporting Linky Innovation, we wish your holidays season be filled with happy rides and joyful moments!

Linky Team

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