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Linky & The Environment

Here at Linky, we highly value our environment and we believe we are responsible for how we leave this planet behind. That’s why, when we were looking for a better alternative for city mobility, it was important to us that the solution would be environmental-friendly. That is why we looked for an electric-powered vehicle, rather than petrol-fueled.

However, it didn’t stop there for us! A major issue that China is currently facing is caused by the various bike-sharing systems. What started with the best intentions (encouraging people to ride bicycles instead of cars and limiting pollution that way), has now led to enormous ‘bike graveyards’; huge piles of abandoned bicycles. With the bike-sharing system becoming more and more popular in the United States and other western countries, the problems caused by it are likely to spread as well. (Watch the BBC video here.)

All the more reasons why we believe in cradle-to-cradle design and why we design for easy disassembling. This means that once Linky is at the end of its product lifecycle, it’s very easy to take it apart and separate all parts for recycling: plastic, the lithium battery, pcba and rubber.

We want to avoid as much as possible that we leave waste behind, and we want to make sure our environmental footprint is as small as can be. For now, we’re making it easier for you to recycle your board, but in the future, as we grow as a company, we want to actively work on upcycling programs.

We are truly passionate about sustainability and we’re proud to have a fanbase who identifies with our values!


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  1. I congratulate you for the article!
    I think it is of utmost importance that each of us do our part to improve the quality of life and the environment.

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