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Linky On Tour

Hi there!

Now that LINKY is almost rolling off the machines, it’s time to plan its introduction to the world! That’s why we’ll take a couple of production samples and bring them to the Californian coast and give as many people as possible a chance to try LINKY as one of the very first group of people in the world!

The Plan: Between August 17 and September 1 we will be travelling along the west coast, starting in Los Angeles and driving up to San Francisco. We will make several stops depending on where people sign up for a test ride – yes, that’s right. Our schedule depends on you!

By attending our events, you can have an exclusive preview and do the test ride, but why else should you attend? First of all, because we have 50 LINKY goodie bags to giveaway to people who share their review videos on social media (so make sure to send us the links!) and in addition, if you’re hooked to LINKY after your test ride, we will give you a big great discount if you order one on the spot.

Want to book your test ride? Check our Facebook Event Page for further details & signup process.

Production Update

Now of course, a LINKY tour is great, but what about the production process? Well,  production is still running as explained in the previous update; we did have a minor setback when we found an issue with the quality of the PCBA, but we already solved the problem and are still expecting to start shipping end of this month 🙂

That’s all for now. We hope to see you at the coast!

The Linky Team

3 thoughts on “Linky On Tour”

  1. That’s awesome! I currently have a boosted board, but have always thought your product was cool.
    I live in South Bay, but will be willing to go anywhere in the Bay Area (SF, OAK, etc) to try it out

    • Hey! of course, after the 26th of August we’ll be in the bay area. San Francisco for sure but even Berkeley and Oakland, follow us on facebook and we’ll give you all the news. Cheers!

  2. What will be the method for one to be able to purchase the board, Is it gonna be on your website where we can just buy it or I have had to donated or pre-ordered it.


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