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Linky Meets Milano

Hi everyone!

With its trendy vibe and beautiful architecture all around, Milan has long been a favourite of Italians looking for an exhilarating day or weekend in a financial and tech metropolis. Us included! So last week we spent the day in Milan, moving around using Linky of course. Let us share this journey with you including some video coverage…

Touring through Milan with Linky

There’s no better way to start the day with a delicious cappuccino at Panini Durini. This is a new Italian food chain that has already become famous for their awesome panini. Full of caffeine we drove to the cultural hub Palazzo Reale, where we took a moment to admire the fantastic exhibition “Manet and Modern Paris”.

Before we knew it was lunchtime already. We sat down for some food at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, one of the world’s oldest shopping malls, and hit its shops afterwards. If you’re planning to go there, take a close look at the octagon in the centre of this Galleria. The tops of the four walls are adorned with representations of the different continents, beautiful! Are you able to recognise the continents?

Our next stop was Castello Sforzesco where we whizzed through the historical alleys. And of course we couldn’t miss Milan’s most famous landmark, the Duomo that sits at its heart. The best news for those who visit by Linky is that you can easily fold the skateboard into your backpack and enter the cathedral without any problems (it’s free to enter too!). A perfect ending of our smooth tour through Milan.

We are curious to know which cities you would like to explore with Linky when the time is there. Let us know!

YouTube video

Next steps

Now that the mechanical part is on its way we are preparing the prototypes of the electronic parts to start the homologation activities. All to ensure we’ll be ready by the end of March to receive the first batch of produced motor controllers. These will be used in tests to gain the necessary certifications for worldwide shipping. Lots of exciting times are ahead of us.

Until next week!
The Linky Team

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