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Linky inspires local Gen Y at GenerYaction

This week, Linky was invited to GenerYaction, an event for the young generation of Provincia di Fermo, Linky’s home. It’s the same region that only two years ago got hit by a major earthquake, but local institutions want to bring hope and inspiration to young people. If you have a dream, anything is possible!

Linky is one of the region’s big inspirations. Being the only local startup achieving worldwide success, GenerYaction asked us to share our story. It’s a story that started with friends having a drink and having an idea, turning that idea into a plan out of an garage. A story with setbacks and comebacks, but overall, a story of turning dreams into a real business with worldwide customers.

YouTube video

Cristiano told all about the Linky journey and the young audience was eager to ask more and share their own ideas. After that, of course, they all wanted to try Linky, which lead to many happy faces. It made them realize that ‘if those local guys are pulling it off, I could do it too!’ And that’s exactly the kind of inspiration we were hoping to give them.

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