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Linky in Action

Hi there,

Ready for the weekend? We definitely are, after such a busy week!

After reading all your answers in our big survey, we found that many of you enjoy watching simple, straightforward and honest videos of Linky. No editing, no special effects… So what did we do? We looked through our phones and other snapshot videos and put some of it together for you.

So here it is: different people riding Linky in different circumstances. No slick-looking movies with perfect lighting, just them enjoying Linky.

YouTube video

And one more video, of an experienced longboarder who was curious to see how fun Linky is to ride. He’s doing lots of turns, so make sure to watch it if you wanna see what that’s like.

YouTube video

What we’ve been busy with…

As said, we’ve had a very busy week as well. We finished the manufacturing of the tooling! And yes, that means that production will start very, VERY soon…

Stay tuned!

The Linky Team

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