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Linky Is Going Places

When we came up with the idea of Linky, we had a couple of purposes in mind for it. One was of course using Linky as an environmental-friendly alternative for city mobility: electric, and faster than waiting in traffic jams or for public transport timetables.

Then, many of you showed us that it was also the ideal transportation to go around a big campus, which of course makes total sense!

And then there was a third purpose: the freedom to travel and discover new places. So whenever we receive photos and videos of happy Linky customers doing just that, we get super excited!

This is the Linky of Mauro, and this Linky has seen some places already! Mauro took Linky with him on his trip to Hanoi, Vietnam, and we just had to share these photos with you.

Do you have any cool photos traveling the world with Linky? Make sure to share them with us! We can’t wait to see them.

Have a great weekend!

The Linky Team

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