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The Linky Ambassadors’ Project!

Hi skateboarding enthusiasts!

We are thrilled to announce our Linky Ambassadors Project! Together with 10 ambassadors we’ll collaborate, test and work towards the final version of Linky, to use by you all. Our ambassadors will show their different styles and ways of riding our Linky prototype. At the same time our team will listen to their feedback to further optimise the electric skateboard.

Our first partner in this brand ambassadors’ project is Moko. This Italian radio presenter and video creator has been a skateboard lover for ages. On his penny board he covers a daily, 4-miles commute to the Radio 105 studio where he works. With Linky his commute will finally be pushless and convenient. Moko is 33 years old and is the specialist in various music styles at one of the top three Italian radio stations. As ambitious as he is, he even runs his own web radio station each Monday. Check it out yourself at

YouTube video

When we met each other 1 year ago, we couldn’t have imagined this special day on which we’ve started a creative cooperation. Moko is extremely excited to work with Linky and to experience its riding comfort. Whether he’ll be on his way to the radio station, visits a film concert or hangs out in Milan, he will share his user experience with all of you. Stay tuned!

See you next time,

The Linky Team

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