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Linky 2.0: The Future of Skateboarding Awaits

Strap in, riders! It’s not just excitement in the air; it’s the buzz of revolution—the kind that comes with the unveiling of Linky 2.0. As we speak, the lab lights burn late into the night, where Enrico is diligently casting spells over the firmware of these marvels.

Enrico’s workshop has become a sanctuary where Linky 2.0 is evolving from sketches and circuits into a sentient force, eager to carve asphalt. With meticulous eyes and skilled hands, he’s fine-tuning the symphony of code that will dictate each smooth roll and dynamic carve of Linky 2.0’s maiden voyage.

Imagine the scene: our latest invention, springing to life, eager to redefine agility and power on the streets. Before Linky 2.0 takes its first bold leap, Enrico is there, ensuring that its every function is honed to perfection for the smoothest, swiftest, and smartest ride ever crafted.

But here’s the most electrifying news—we’re on the cusp of launching our pre-order campaign on Kickstarter, and it’s your chance to be part of this ground-breaking moment. This is your golden ticket, not just to be among the first to witness Linky 2.0’s prowess but to do so at a phenomenal discount. The future of skateboarding isn’t just knocking at your door; it’s ready to burst through.

By securing your Linky 2.0 through our Kickstarter campaign, you’re not just getting an incredible deal—you’re becoming a pivotal part of the journey. You’re not just a backer; you’re a pioneer, a trendsetter, an early adopter who recognizes a game-changer when they see one.

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So, as we gear up for this exciting chapter, we invite you to join us. Keep your eyes peeled and your senses sharp because the launch will be here before you know it.

Don’t just dream of the future—ride it.

The countdown to our Kickstarter campaign begins now.

Are you ready to roll into tomorrow?

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