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Where Would You Like To See Linky?

The end of an era is slowly approaching; it’s just a matter of time before our Indiegogo campaign is officially over. The next step is of course to see Linky in stores all across the world. That would definitely be a huge milestone!

We’re talking to distributors in various countries already. ‘I am in love. With the Linky that is..’ is how the review teaser by Fat Daddy, a European distributor based in The Netherlands, started.  They will take Linky on a big trip and we’ll share their comprehensive video review as soon as it’s available.

Now we have a question for you: in which local stores near you do you think Linky would fit right in? Simply send us a quick email with the name and location where you would like to see Linky, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

Enjoy your weekend!

The Linky Team

2 thoughts on “Where Would You Like To See Linky?”

  1. I would like to see Linky in my daughters hands. You are taking new orders and delivering on them but we wait over a year. Not OK. The fact that you are taking new orders and delivering on them is an insult to the original “investor” like my daughter who has at this point has basically given up on receiving the board she paid $800.00 for. I suggest taking better care of your customer. I realize that things don’t always go as planned and I am understanding of delays but to take new orders and deliver on them while she and others wait more than a year is hard to accept. The board looks like a lot of fun and she would love to have one. Unfortunately this appears unlikely at this point.


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