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It’s Getting Hot In Here!

Hey all!

We’d like to share some insights this week on the several temperature tests we ran earlier. Our Linky prototype including the final electronic motor and battery pack was examined to verify both the reliability of all electronic components as well as the quality of the product. The safety features of the battery management systems were monitored as well, just as the behaviour of the motor under high temperatures.

As part of the test Linky was used on a hill for 3.5 kilometres, gaining 320m elevation, after which we left the skateboard on for 5 minutes. No restrictions or power limitations were set for the electronics to check its full capacity. The temperature sensors on the battery and the engines attached to the motor controller were disconnected too. Once the 5 minutes were passed by we evaluated each component on any damage or signs of malfunctioning.

The engine didn’t show any signs of damage and the battery was in a perfect state. Despite this severe trip, we still had half of the battery charge left. See here the results of the test in numbers:

  • Maximum motor temperature: 120°
  • Battery temperature: 76°
  • Elevation gained: 320 m
  • Distance: 3,5 km


Linky Ambassadors

Moko, our first partner of our brand ambassador project, has been using Linky in his everyday life last week. He’s so fond of our electric skateboard! Check out this video showing Moko’s trip to Perugia to attend the International Journalism conference.

Till next time!

The Linky Team

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