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Introducing The New Ush Limited

Introducing the new Ush Limited Edition, the electric bike for every kind of rider.

Rediscover the fun of moving freely with the powerful 250 Brushless motor.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to own a comfortable, good-quality e-bike. You will never want to get off this e-bike again. Now let’s get to know it better and understand what makes it one of the best e-bikes on the market at only 749 euros.


The Ush Limited bike is designed to be light and sturdy with all electronic components perfectly integrated into the shape of the frame. Front and rear racks are included.

We wanted to make sure that, riding this bicycle, you felt comfortable and could take it anywhere.


The Ush Limited is equipped with integrated LED lights for safe riding. The removable battery is seamlessly integrated under the seat and is easy to charge both inserted into the bike and when taken out.

The battery has a range of 60 km and can be recharged in 3 hours. Although it is designed to be ridden in the city, the sturdy frame allows it to travel even on rougher roads. Look where Juri took it!

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A powerful 250w brushless motor is installed in the rear wheel and 5 riding modes to climb hills of different gradients effortlessly.
Powerful front and rear disc brakes and a Shimano gearbox for safe and comfortable riding. An LCD screen allows you to check various information during use: speed, battery charge, and riding mode.

A lightweight, uniquely colored aluminum frame designed to last makes it the perfect vehicle for city commuting. The Ush limited is currently €450 off!

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What are you waiting for?

Revolutionize the way you move with the Ush Limited.

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