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Our Hard Work Is About To Pay Off!

Hi everyone,

It is super exciting to see Linky finally coming out from the moulds. In the summer of 2014, the first sketch of Linky was jotted down with the idea of creating a portable means of transportation that was unique in its sort. It was more a dream rather than a business activity, something that could be useful for people like myself, to live in the city with more freedom and independence, to travel around with everything you need in a backpack.

Lots of blood, sweat and tears were put in, with the goal of making this real one day! After a few months, Fabio, Cristiano, Giovanni and Stefano decided to be part of that journey and together we were able to create what is now Linky. Then Piera, Luca, Emanuele, Dan, Colin, Steven, Daniel, Thalassa and a lot of others decided to support us and believe in our project as well… you can’t imagine how powerful just an idea can turn out to be!

Last but not least the Indiegogo campaign…you guys made it possible from Linky being an idea, a concept, into a real product! We could never thank you enough for your support! We are a little bit in delay with the shipment and we apologize for that. We’re working hard to give you something unique and we are really close to that point.

Enjoy this latest update!



What we were up to the last two weeks

As you might have read earlier via our social channels, the last two weeks were all about checking the quality of the pre-production samples. These are the final samples coming from the machines before we go into the real production for your pre-orders. Extra attention went out to the battery pack, PCBA, plastic and the mechanical parts.

Toolings  –  everything is ready and working well. We just made some minor adjustments on the swappable battery and locking system.

YouTube video

Loading and impact test – we want to make sure Linky is safe and stable. That’s why we are testing the structure to resist a load of 350kg, which is equivalent to a person of 100kg jumping on it. We still miss some kilos but with some final adjustments we’ll meet our target soon.

YouTube video

Riding test – we want to make sure the riding experience with the off tool version of Linky is as we want it to be. The structure is rigid enough to provide the precision when turning, yet flexible enough to absorb the vibrations from bumpy roads. The next step is to make some minor adjustments on the trucks and choose the right rigidity of the bushing between 85A, 90A and 95A. What do you suggest?

YouTube video

We understand that some of you will go on holiday and might not have someone available to accept the Linky at time of shipping. Of course, we will do everything to make sure you will receive your board. Just so you know:

  • We will inform you via the updates as soon as we know our shipping dates.
  • If needed, we can change the shipping address, for example to your holiday address or to a friend or family member who will be available to receive Linky. If this is what you want, please send us an email via with the subject NEW SHIPPING ADDRESS
  • Alternatively, if you can’t provide us with a new address, we could hold your Linky with us and send it to you once you’re back from your travels. In that case, please send us an email as well.

Please, only do this once the shipping dates are known and you know that you won’t be available at that time.

That’s all for now… it won’t be long anymore!

The Linky Team

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