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Happy Easter From Linky

What are your plans for the weekend? Easter egg hunting? Long family brunches? Or will you go on a short trip? Whatever your plans are, take Linky with you and you can go anywhere!

This week, our social media manager Thalassa got her own Linky and brought it to her coworking space. Everyone was talking about it and literally lining up to give it a try! Maybe it wasn’t a great idea, because one of the people said ‘I don’t want to work anymore, I just want to ride the rest of the day!’ Not what you need in a coworking space, but we loved hearing it! 😀

We also have another update – a firmware update to be precise! We’re explaining the exact steps on how to install it in the Indiegogo update that all customers receive, but if you somehow missed it, just send us a Facebook message and we’ll explain you.

Have a happy Easter weekend!


The Linky Team

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