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Get Ready For Spring!

Hi everyone,

For many of you, spring has officially started and whether or not the weather shows it already, we’re looking forward to long afternoons and warm evenings full of Linky rides 🙂

At the airport

If spring weather hasn’t arrived yet, or if winter is knocking at the door on your side of the world, then of course you could just take a plane to a warmer place. Don’t forget to take Linky with you – it easily fits in your carry-on luggage! Take the battery’s paperwork with you in case security asks for it, and you & Linky can fly all around the world.

Hard work

It may be spring now, but of course that doesn’t mean that we’re just enjoying the sun all day long. Hard work has been done to prepare the production of a new batch of Linky boards! If you (or your friend. Or your brother. Or your neighbor 😜 ) hasn’t ordered one yet, you can still benefit from the Indiegogo discount! But we’re about to wrap up the Indiegogo campaign, so make sure to not miss out!

Have a great weekend!

The Linky Team

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