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Five Reasons Riding an E-board Will Change Your Life

Electric longboards are leading the change of the personal electric mobility movement. They are efficient, reliable, affordable, and easy to use. Just in case you needed a little more persuasion, here’s why riding electric will change your life for the better.

1. Make Your Life Easier

Dread your stressful morning commute? Sick of the endless search for parking spots? We don’t blame you.

If you are used to taking public transportation or sitting in traffic, opting for an electric skateboard could be a way to save time.


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On average, Americans spend 100 hours per year stuck in tailbacks. Just to put it into perspective, 100 hours/year is the same as 2.5 weeks off work or walking through Central Park 100 times.

In fact, things are much better without the hassle. That’s why when we set out to create the perfect city e-board, one of our priorities was to design something that eliminated the stress that can come with getting around a busy city.

Riding an e-board shrinks your commute to work. You’ll arrive feeling energized, refreshed, ready for the day – and not at all sweaty.

Several recent studies show that daily commuting using active travel has a positive impact on well-being and mental health. Too much time spent in the driver’s seat poses temporary long-term health risks, including elevated cholesterol, higher blood pressure, muscle and joint pain, problems sleeping, depression, lower frustration tolerance, anger, and much more. Whether they’re cranking the music up, unwinding after the workday, or reflecting on life in general, time spent commuting affords necessary personal time for many busy Americans. 

E-boards are faster than cars on congested urban streets, so you’ll cut down your inner city journeys by 50% of the time on average. Conquering hills with ease and effortlessly jumping ahead of the traffic is a real buzz – once you’ve mastered the ride, you’ll never look back.

Carving your way to and from work on an Linky electric skateboard will make your commute much more fun😉

2. Unlocks Your City. And Makes It a Better Place.

Electric skateboards as a daily transport offer another option that guarantees a reduction in carbon footprint. These devices run on rechargeable Li-ion batteries which implies that smog and other air pollutants are less of a problem.

Imagine for a moment: instead of waiting for a crowded bus to get to your place of work, you could use a Linky, thus becoming more autonomous and independent. Or you could leave your car outside the city center where it’s easier to park and then you could reach your destination on an electric skateboard, making those few miles an opportunity to have fun.

Using green and personal vehicles means an increase in personal freedom, generating a sense of well-being and serenity that affects us and those around us.

If more people ditched or reduced car use at least for short trips, our cities would have more space for green areas, and we very well know how much being in touch with nature has a positive impact on our mental health.

But we don’t just believe that riding an electric skateboard paves the way to greener, cleaner cities. We believe it opens up an entirely new world. Feel part of the fabric of the city as you weave through its streets and unlock its true potential in an instant. What may have felt just out of reach will now be within your grasp: all you have to do is reach out and take it.

Is Micro Mobility Just A Trend? The rise in micro-mobility like electric skateboards is not just a trend. Whether you’re on an e-bike, escooter, or electric skateboard, any trips taken on one of these contribute to less pollution and congestion on roads, leading to less traffic and cars idling on the road.

A recent study says that carbon emissions could be reduced by 12 percent if just 15 percent of urban transportation miles traveled were instead made by e-bike.

Being that electric skateboards are smaller than e-bikes with little difference in the average range, the actual numbers for emissions saved by electric skateboarding can be even higher.

What About The Energy It Takes To Charge An Electric Battery? While all of these battery-powered ways of getting around are not charged without consuming energy, data on electric cars shows that in every corner of the United States, driving an EV produces significantly fewer greenhouse gas emissions than cars powered only by gasoline, regardless of the local power mix. And electric skateboards only use a small fraction of the energy it takes to charge an electric car.

3. Makes You Feel Better

Riding an electric skateboard can release tension and anxiety. The feeling of the breeze on your face and the warmth of the sun on your skin is priceless. E-skating in the open air increases the release of endorphins, popularly known as the happiness hormone. Therefore, after riding an e-skate, it is possible to experience a pleasant feeling of satisfaction due to increased blood irrigation of the brain.

It is a fact that using a motorized skateboard as a mode of transport reduces stress – a lot. It’s an activity that puts your mind in the moment, and it doesn’t require a lot of concentration. While skating, we can simply forget about everything for a moment.

The health benefits attributed to the use of an electric skateboard are thrice as many as those attributed to using a car. There might be a bit of exaggeration in this line of thought since there isn’t enough concrete evidence to support the hypothesis that commuting between places with a car has any health benefits. Consequently, the association between a sedentary lifestyle and cars is enough reason to ditch automobiles in favor of electric skateboards.

Riding in this way makes you explore a lot of things and might also change your perspective about things that you made sitting in the front seat of your all-packed car. Get to the ground level, be a part of nature, and feel the world on your own as nothing is more beautiful than that.

Psychological explanation: people need to have their needs met to feel that life is in order and to feel good about themselves. This is called The Needs Model of Well-being, which suggests that humans need 12 essential psychological nutrients of well-being to improve mental health. Alec Stansfield, a psychotherapist and rider, explained that skateboarding triggers many aspects, including the need for control, achievement, emotional connection and mindfulness.


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“Many people’s image of what mindfulness looks like is sitting quietly and meditating. But mindfulness really means doing things mindfully, paying attention, and being present in the moment. You can’t skate safely unless you’re totally in the present moment”, Alec explained in his video about e-skating and mental health.

Biological explanation: Another reason why electric skateboarding is so much good for you is because human beings need movement. Skateboarding keeps you alert and agile. When the terrain is uncertain, keeping your knees bent is the best way to maintain balance, but that takes some strength and practice. So lots of movement is involved. Board sports are known for improving coordination, endurance, flexibility and strength.


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Moving your body releases endorphins, the “feel-good” hormone, which helps us cope with stress. When scientists started to study endorphins, it was believed that only high-intensity exercise triggered it, associating it with the “runner’s high”. However, in the last two decades, more studies have shown that only moving your body for 30 minutes would release the hormone.

Social Explanation:

“Man is a social animal” – Aristotle, Philosopher

Sociologists and anthropologists have explored how and why humans need social interaction and its influence on people’s personalities. The ‘Social Brain Hypothesis” proposed by Robin Dunbar, Professor of Evolutionary Psychology and Behavioural Ecology, analysed how the human neocortex has evolved to improve survival in dynamic groups. Social interactions were some key aspects that helped humans survive and prosper as a species.


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Because of the rewarding nature of social interactions, we seek positive social feedback through friendships, romantic relationships, or community engagement. Many researchers have found that social interaction releases dopamine, the “happy hormone”. Our brain processes social interactions similarly to when we receive non-social stimuli like food, money, or psychostimulant drugs, triggering dopamine release.

4. It Is a Way To Be Free

All skaters will agree, riding is not simply a way to get from A to B; it’s a way to be free. You’ll be liberated from traffic and bus schedules, never have to stick to the same old route, and be empowered to rediscover your city and beyond. Adventures lie right on your doorstep: you’ll be surprised at how many discoveries you’ll make just by following different routes and making pit stops whenever you feel like it.


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There’s no other way to say it: riding an electric skateboard is fun. Really fun. Feeling free is synonymous with one thing: flying. And you’ll get a taste of that when you’re accelerating past mopeds and over hills on your LINKY. Trust us: the feeling’s addictive.

Meaning and purpose are about having something that you care about that’s bigger than you, something external that motivates you. From the Sociology perspective, electric skateboarding is so enjoyable because of the sense of making an impact and a positive contribution to the community. Many riders have adopted an electric skateboard as their main means of transportation to reduce carbon print and as their way to tackle climate change. Besides the benefits on an individual level, researchers have shown that when people change their habits in favour of something that can have a major impact on future generations, their sense of belongingness and contribution increases, triggering dopamine release.


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5. Saves You Money

Wave goodbye to eye-watering train fares, costly last-minute Ubers, and rising fuel prices. Riding an e-board will save you money in the long run.

Many people use their car even to go shopping on the corner, but does it make sense? Why use the car and waste fuel if we can go there by riding an electric skateboard? Certainly, the less you use the car and the more the electric skateboard, you will see the impact of this reflected in the bills at the end of the month.



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