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Exciting Weeks for Linky!

Hi everyone,

It’s been a very exciting two weeks for us! If you follow us on social media, you will have seen that we brought a couple of Linky samples to California, in order to let more people experience Linky and to get feedback from real users.


We’ve now done two events in Venice beach where we met up with some experienced electric skaters as well as some YouTube vloggers, so we’re expecting to share some cool videos over the next weeks.



We also went to Santa Barbara. We visited a coworking space there, Impact Hub, and gave people at the UCSB Campus the chance to test ride Linky. They were just as excited as we are!


From tomorrow – August 27 – till the 31st we’ll be in San Francisco. We’ll be organizing an event where you can try Linky on the Golden Gate Bridge. Keep an eye out on our Facebook Event Page if you’d like to join!


Production update

Two weeks seem like a lot of time, and we understand that for you it may feel like things are going slow. Please know that we’re working very hard though! This is what we’ve accomplished in the last two weeks:

  • Two weeks ago we were completing the sourcing of the materials. Now the materials are ready and the plastic parts have been injected. The parts are now ready to be assembled!
  • The motors are in the process of being assembled. Beginning of the next week we’ll have the first 500 ready.
  • The batteries are in the same process of the motors; next week we’ll have the first 500 ready to go.
  • Concerning the certificates; next week, we will finish all the paperwork necessary to ship.
  • As said in the last update, during the test we found a problem with an electric component that delayed the production with two weeks, because we had to change it and redesign a small part of the PCBA. The samples are ready for approval and we are looking to restart the production at the end of the next week.
  • We have a stable version of the app firmware that will be tested during the next days and it will be the one you’ll have on the Linky. The graphic and the communications part of the app are ready and it will be completed within the end of September.
  • – We’re currently also working on the packaging and on the manual that you’ll receive with your Linky.
  • Beside all of that, our team is involved in the daily testing of some Linky samples. We’ve riding for more than 500km in challenging conditions (dirt roads, cobblestones, etc.). We’re collecting and analysing the feedback coming from those tests, which is helpful for the production quality.


What’s Next?

Over the next period, we’re looking forward to approve the electronic samples with the new design and start the PCBA production. We will also be testing the new firmware and approve the final version to be flashed into the PCBA. Once we reach those two milestones, we can announce the exact date for shipment and delivery.

We’re almost there!

All the best from California & Italy,

The Linky Team

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