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Babies Being Born ;-)

Hi everyone,

We are SUPER excited, because as you know, we finished our toolings for production two weeks ago, and yesterday we saw our first batch of 20 samples! It’s almost like our babies are being born! 😉

YouTube video

So what’s next? We were absolutely thrilled with the quality of the sample batch. Based on those samples, we will make the final adjustments on some details – basically fine-tune everything – before we make the last batch of samples. We expect to need 3 more weeks for this process. In the meantime, we will also continue the CE Certification process we mentioned in an earlier update. We know that Linky is safe and sound, but it’s better when the officials say so 😉

After those 3 weeks, we’ll start the final assembly process and then you better fill your house with some balloons and a big ‘welcome home’ cake, because that’s when we’ll start shipping your Linky to you!

Stay Tuned!

The Linky Team

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