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Ask your boss for a Linky!

This is Cristian. Cristian used to take the bus to work every day, and his boss was paying for the monthly public transport subscription. His colleague, Giovanni, lives just out of town and used his car every day. The company was paying for a parking spot in the nearest garage. But their boss was smart: he got a Linky for all the employees. He saves money for the company, he helps his employees be more environmentally friendly, and… all the workers are having much more fun during their commute!

Ok, maybe this story is made up 😉 But it’s not a crazy idea to give employees a portable, electric vehicle, instead of paying their public transport subscription or providing them with parking. In most major cities, the cost of such solutions are won back within a few months!

And not only that: more and more companies are very aware of the environmental footprint they’re leaving. Moreover, employees consider this when choosing their next company to work for. When offering more sustainable solutions to your team, you help them having a smaller impact on the environment.

And of course, how much better would the Monday morning be if everyone is happy, because they just had a fun commute on their Linky? No more grumpy faces, but loads of energy to kick off the week!

That should be enough to convince your boss to get you a Linky, but if not, tell them to contact us, because we can offer special deals for companies that buy in larger quantities.

So what are you waiting for..?  

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