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2017 – What a year!

The year is almost over… and what a year it has been! A year of lots of testing, revising, fine-tuning and more testing. After that, it was time for tooling, sample productions and more tests, after which we could finally take Linky into production!

At the same time, we travelled all across the world; often to China to check with suppliers and factories, across Europe for events, startup competitions and investor meetings, and our big trip to California last summer. Everywhere we went, as many people as possible tried Linky and their feedback was invaluable to us!

Of course there were setbacks as well; parts of the boards that weren’t up to our standards and had to be re-done, some problems with the availability of materials and unforeseen issues with documents, customs clearance and other logistic issues. We have learned so, so much from this experience and we keep learning more every day. That’s why it is such a reward for us to see the boards being delivered now and receiving so many messages with positive feedback from all of you. Many of you are just as excited about Linky as we are, and that’s exactly what we wanted!

This was the Linky year!

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We have said it before, but we’ll say it again from the bottom of our hearts: we are truly thankful for all your support, patience, trust and encouragement. Without you, we would be absolutely nowhere. You have made our year!

Happy holidays and cheers to an even more amazing 2018,

The Linky Team

1 thought on “2017 – What a year!”

  1. I could not be more disappointed. My daughter has been waiting for over a year for her board and I have come to find out that Linky is taking new orders and delivering on them. And you call 2017 “an amazing year”….seriously?? I will have a talk with my daughter and we will discuss the difference between being a customer and an investor. At this point I strongly suspect that she will never receive her board.


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