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Hi there,

It’s Friday – time for another update! When selling a product, there’s so much more than just the product. For example, the packaging! We recently produced this prototype of the Linky box. It is made with regenerated cardboard and without glue in order to have a fully recyclable and environmental friendly package. There’s a double layer of cardboard with air in between that serves to protect Linky during shipment.


We’ve fitted in the parts and the box is now super compact thanks to Linky’s dimensions when folded. The box will contain the skateboard, the backpack, the remote, chargers, a user manual, and we’ve decided to spoil you and show our appreciation: we’ll put in two spare wheels for maintenance as well as an additional belt!

We are now making the final adjustments to the box and then that items can be checked off from our list as well. We’re getting closer and closer!

batteria linky-1

And last but not least; many of you have been asking about the spare battery packs. We’re happy to announce that they’re now available! If you pre-order them from our Indiegogo page, you can get them for $149 – that’s a 25% discount from the normal retail price! Click here to see this secret perk.

Till next week!

The Linky Team

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